Can Forskolin Supplements Help You Lose Weight?

Can Forskolin Supplements Help You Lose Weight?

Forskolin is believed to be a “lightning in a bottle” as well as a “miracle flower” for obese people in order to lose weight. But, is it legit? Here is a short review of forskolin supplement is provided to help evaluate whether it actually helps people in weight loss or not.

What is Forskolin?

Forskolin comes from the root of a tropical plant in the mint family and found in many countries including Thailand, Nepal, and India. Forskolin has long been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years to treat numerous diseases and today it is used as a weight loss medication.

Can Forskolin Supplements Help You Lose Weight?

How Forskolin Works?

During laboratory studies, it was observed that forskolin works as a diterpene that activates Adenylate Cyclase and helps our body cells to cultivate supplementary cyclic Adenosine Monophosphates (cAMP). cAMP are molecules imperative for plenty of biochemical functioning, several of which influence fat burning.

Does Forskolin Cause Weight Loss?

Since lab studies found that forskolin allows the breakdown of fat tissues, can we plainly assume it works in weight loss? One study consisting of 15 overweight people asked one group to take about 500 mg of 10% forskolin supplement every day. The result showed that, after about 2 months, the people taking forskolin have lessened fat percentages from about 35 percent to 31 percent, as compared to those who were taking a placebo.

Moreover, it was also observed that the people who took forskolin have boosted testosterone level. An increment in testosterone level can cause the decrease in body fat effective in weight loss.

Does Forskolin have any Side Effects?

Some of the known side effects of this supplement include:

  • Headaches
  • Hurting of the eyes
  • Low blood pressure and increased heart rate

Besides this, one examination also confirmed that intake of forskolin may also cultivate acids in the stomach. Few other researchers found that no insulin, cholesterol, or blood pressure level was affected and they did not report any other detrimental health consequences of forskolin resulting from its higher quantity or intakes for a longer period are unidentified.

Forskolin Review: Should You Use It?

Some small level studies confirm that it decreases obesity and help cease the weight gain, which is why some experts actually believe it to be a “magic” weight loss supplement. However, it is not yet significantly proven to be so in clinical trials. However, considering all things, we recommend that you should try forskolin supplement for weight loss alongside exercise and healthy diet.