Bring The Magic Of SMS In Your Marketing

Bring The Magic Of SMS In Your Marketing

Sometimes the smallest things turn out to be the biggest weapons. Exactly, when you run a business, own an institution or do have a prestigious organization to run; you have to make the optimum use of options you have. There are different concepts, strategies, and aspects out there that can be considered for your ultimate growth.

What do you say about SMS? Ah, don’t think about the chat you do with your friends or the loving messages you exchange with your beloved; think at a wider aspect. Have you ever thought about using SMS for your marketing and branding? What do you think how can it impact your business? Before you come up with any unexciting answer, it might interest you that your fellow companies, businesses, and brands are already using this weapon.  They even make use of sms online platform to ensure the swiftness, exactness, and efficiency.

Bring The Magic Of SMS In Your Marketing

Actually, you know what if your company or institution is not using text messages as part of the marketing strategy; you might be missing out on a valued opportunity to reach possible customers. With the increasing popularity of mobile phones across the world, SMS is an assured way to reach your customers.  If you have no clue, below are a few tips that can help you use this SMS marketing thing effectively.

Keep it Short

As a rule, you should keep the messages to a maximum of hundred sixty characters.  It is simply because messages over 160 characters in length would usually be broken up by the phone companies into manifold texts. It means you risk muddling up the message and making the whole message undeliverable and incurring additional fees. These text messages are always supposed to be short and meaningful. If these are lengthy, the customers or recipients would get turned off. They might lose the interest. In the short amount of words, you should make your motive clear by encompassing a call to action. While you keep it short, also keep in mind that if you are using slang terms, it can tarnish the professional image of your business. So be very careful with the language you use while keeping it brief, persuasive and informative.

Be careful about Timing

Timing has a significant role in SMS. If your message is hitting the inbox of your consumers at the wrong time, they might simply skip it or avoid it. But if the timing is correct, the influence would be immense. If you are a café chain, and you are sending a text regarding the new snacks on your list, make sure that you don’t send it on wrong times like late night when the dinner is already done. You have to hit the target when it is most vulnerable. For example, if your food-related message reaches their inbox in the evening when they are back from office, they might get influenced right away. It is simply because they would be hungry at that time and the SMS would give them an option for their satisfaction.

So, if you haven’t used the magic of SMSin your business so far, it is the time you do so.