Where To Take A Weekend Break In Europe?

Where To Take A Weekend Break In Europe?

Taking a couple of days off and pairing them up with a weekend to head off and explore a new European city is now easier than ever. The transportation system on the continent is always improving, Airbnb has allowed us to pay less for accommodation and still stay in the city centre, and the internet and all those social networks make it easy to find recommendations for your next little getaway.

While planning a longer holiday requires more planning (and time off work), a city break is much more accessible to most of us. The question to ask is of course – where to go first. Here is our little list to help you out.


The capital of the Czech Republic is famously known as the city of a hundred spires. Its gothic architecture is to thank for this nickname, as well as the castle, the largest one of its kind in the world, that is its most popular tourist attraction.

Another site of note to visit is the Charles Bridge, arching over the Vltava, ready to take your breath away. The infamous Astronomer’s Clock is also a place everyone goes to see when in town, but Prague is also home to some amazing beer, great food, and very friendly locals.

The city is also known as a great place to host an event – so if you are looking for an out of town location that has plenty to offer, Prague is the city for you. Its premier destination management companies will surely help you put together a memorable evening.

Where To Take A Weekend Break In Europe?


Staying on the topic of European capitals, Amsterdam is one of the most multicultural capitals in the world. It is known as a cyclist haven, so the best way to get around will be by bike. This will also allow you to experience the authentic vibe of the city, and you won’t have to worry about parking.

The coffee shops it is so well known for are not the only thing to visit though. There are numerous museums, the most famous of which is the Anne Frank museum, with often a queue around the corner to get in.


Iceland may not be the first destination that pops into your mind when you think of a city break. In fact, it can be a mixture of a city and nature break. Reykjavik itself has plenty to offer, with its great nightlife and important landmarks, but the best thing about it is that it is the starting point of many tours and treks that run out to locations like the Blue Lagoon or the Golden Circle, and they are your ticket to seeing glaciers and of course, the Northern Lights.

Where To Take A Weekend Break In Europe?


Bruges is a true hidden gem, getting more and more popular. The canals and the cobbles make it perfect for strolling around on foot, but it is most famous for its food. There are chocolate shops to cater to every single sweet tooth, there are waffles to quench your hunger and many other delicacies to sample. Of course, the Belgians are also famous for their beer, so trying some of the local taps is also an absolute must.


Yet another capital to round off our list, Edinburgh is a gorgeous destination, also proud of its castle. The views from up top are magnificent, the twisting streets are simply gorgeous, the shopping is also excellent, and you will certainly find plenty to do as soon as you step outside. Scotland is such an underrated country in the grand scheme of countries to visit in Europe, yet the nature and the architecture all reason enough to go. Not to mention the best beer in the world.

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