The Modern Technology Benefits Of LED LIGHTING

The Modern Technology Benefits Of LED LIGHTING

The efficiency of LED lighting systems is no longer in doubt. Due to the use of LEDs, the energy consumption for lighting is reduced to 10 times compared to incandescent lamps. The advantages and disadvantages of lighting fixtures on LED lights are briefly explored below:

The Modern Technology Benefits Of LED LIGHTING

Advantages of LED Lamps

Energy saving is the main advantage of LED lamps. Replacing incandescent lamps with LEDs, you can save a lot on paying for electricity. But the cost of the lamps themselves is not so small. How quickly will such lights pay off? The light output of the LEDs reaches 110 lm / W and much higher, while the light output limit for a conventional incandescent lamp is only 15 lm / W, for an energy-saving fluorescent lamp – 70 lm / W, and for a metal halide lamp of medium power, a maximum of 90 lm / W. In addition, the lifetime of LEDs as light sources reaches 100,000 hours, that is, 100 times greater than the guaranteed lifetime of an average incandescent lamp, which is only 1,000 hours.

  • The brightness of the LEDs can be easily adjusted by means of a driver, thanks to which LED systems are resistant to power surges in the network to the accomplishment of assignment help.
  • By buying LED light bulbs you can forget about a replacement of burnt out lamps for a long time, which is especially important in case of unstable voltage or frequent power outages.
  • LED floodlights and lamps can easily be operated in a fairly wide temperature range – from -60 ° C to + 60 ° C, while instantly ignited at full power, which cannot be achieved from fluorescent lamps.
  • In addition, the absence of filament and the presence of polycarbonate glass give the LEDs a vibration resistance and impact resistance. Here, protection levels up to IP68 are generally available.
  • The color temperature of the LEDs can be chosen from a wide spectrum from warm yellow to cool white, from 2600K to 10000K in terms of the color temperature scale. Such a wide range of available color temperatures makes the LED lighting acceptable for any premises: residential, office, educational, industrial and street lighting.
  • LED lamps do not sound at all, unlike the same fluorescent lamps, and therefore are simply irreplaceable in hospitals, in educational institutions, in libraries where great importance is given to silence.
  • The LED equipment is low-voltage, that is, the danger of electric shock is minimized. Low heat prevents the risk of fire.
  • LED lighting at home deserves special attention. LED lamps are suitable for conventional lighting fixtures. With the help of LED tapes, you can embody the most daring decorative solutions: luminous signs on the walls, patterns on the doors of rooms, patterns on the walls, “starry sky” on the ceiling, light zoning of space in the dwelling, step lighting, furniture lighting.


In general, LED lighting is more useful than harmful. But this is true for well-known brands that are responsible for quality and compliance with the declared parameters of their products. Cheap fakes can be installed in the toilet, pantry, utility rooms because these are ideal places for inexpensive LED lamps.

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