A Successful Partnership Between Power Generators & Civil Construction

A Successful Partnership Between Power Generators & Civil Construction

Civil construction accounts for 6.5% of the Brazilian Gross Domestic Product (GDP), being one of the main engines of economic activity in the country, with about 13 million people in the production chain. All this activity would not be possible without the use of power generators. They are capable of servicing the various types of construction sites.

As most of the time there is no supply of electricity by the concessionaires, the rental of generators is fundamental for the operation of all-electric powered equipment, which makes this a successful partnership undeniable.

The use of the correct power generators for the size and the need of each type of work generate a reduction of costs and efficiency, optimizing the time of the service and maintaining the supply of constant form, without risk of interruption. Even at the construction sites where the concessionaire’s supply exists, the rental of generators is shown extremely while maintaining the workflow even in the event of a power outage.


The rental of generators also contributes to the maintenance of safety at the construction site, avoiding the use of several types of equipment in a single source of energy, which overcharges the system increases the risk of electric shocks. Safety standards must be strictly followed and dangerous practices must be reduced by those responsible, it is necessary the safety of employees from the providing equipment.

In this way, just like personal protection devices, power generators are basic safety items. Likewise, you have to choose a company that offers maintenance staff at any time, capable of customized solutions for each type of problem, and that provides the best power generators on the market, with sizes and capacities suited to your needs.

There are lots of the companies in a market for a generator but chose a company that has been on the market for more than 10 years, has a large portfolio of power generators. Generators are available in many sizes in the market, for example, you can find 25kVA to 1,875 kVA generators. So you can choose best out of all the company with good design, great maintenance facilities etc.

Know more about the generators size and work.

14 to 30 kVA

Compact, with analog or digital control panel, autonomy from 7 to 18 hours with low fuel consumption and engines from the best manufacturers worldwide such as Yanmar and Cummins. There is also the option of accessories such as reversing wrench, cables, general distribution board and automatic transfer board.

55 to 150 KVA

With a range of 5 to 13 hours without refueling, low fuel consumption, analog or digital control panel, Cummins, Perkins or MWM engine,  several different models of generator sets in this category, from 55, 80, 100, 115, 140 and 150 kVA of your choice.

170 to 500 kVA

With high reliability, the generators feature low fuel consumption with up to 8 hours autonomy, analog or digital control panel, and the power of renowned engines such as Cummins, MWM and Scania. Energy efficient, there are models for the most diverse needs of 170, 180, 260, 400, 460 and 500 kVA, with different levels of noise, autonomy and capacity of the fuel tank.

550 to 1875 kVA

These large equipment and high power are perfect for large energy demands. The autonomy of up to 9 hours and low fuel consumption make the models with 550, 700, 750, 1,000, 1,100, 1,400, 1,588 and 1,875 kVA the best options for large construction sites, where any waste of time represents a considerable sum.

So get best power generator according to construction site need. Also, consider above points which definitely helps you to choose suitable power generator.