Reasons For Hair Fall That You Can Easily Avoid

Reasons For Hair Fall That You Can Easily Avoid

Hair loss is a very common condition and affects most people. More than 80 million people in U.S have hair loss. Here are the some of the common causes of hair loss.


Hair loss can be caused by more factors than just the food you eat. Doctor’s recommend following the diet with nutrients that help to increase hair growth and prevent breakage by deterioration. You need to follow the diet with zinc, iron and folic acid. Proteins and antioxidants help to maintain healthy hair.


Stress is one of the main factors for hair loss.  You may notice and seem old falling. Managing stress can, therefore, result in a healthy hair.


Oily skinny people, you will have a more problem with the sebum (natural oil) on your scalp. While daily cleaning is good if you have a greasy hair, you do not have to wash your hair several times a day. Extremely dry hair may require only weekly washing. Make sure you lightly shampoo the scalp and apply the soft conditioner from the ends to the base of the yarn.

Elastic Hair

Hair elastics are necessary to prevent your hair from falling over your eyes as you work. And, let’s face it, I’m in handy days when it’s bare or when you hurry. The problem with hair elastics is to pull the scalp and hair cuticles. You may even notice that some hair stays every time you loosen your hair from the tail. You can fix this inconvenience by wearing your hair freely from time to time, or by relaxing it so that it will not pull your hair so long. Also, make sure you wear proper hair elastics and not just rubber bands that will damage your hair.

Incorrect Brushing and Combing

You may have heard that your hairbrush in 100 moves is good for hair, but AAD says it’s just a myth. This will recommend washing and combing when styling your hair. Use large combs to prevent tearing. You should also use a brush only when the hair is dry and avoid those with plastic bristles. Instead, try a natural brush. Instead of rubbing your hair, swab it with an absorbent towel or leave a towel on your hair as a temporary measure to absorb excess water.