Must Do Exercises For A Healthy Body

Must Do Exercises For A Healthy Body

It is without a doubt that an activity/exercise program is a cornerstone in building an optimal health and wellness program. Repeatedly, exercise has shown to be pivotal in maintaining your physical and mental health, as well as extending your life span.

The benefits of adding physical activity into your lifestyle include:

  • A long-term decrease in blood pressure especially benefits Hypertensive patients and saves them from high blood pressure induced complications like aneurysms, strokes and kidney disease
  • Help in management and prevention of diabetes by reducing the extra fat mass in the body which had conferred Insulin Resistance to the remaining body cells, and by enabling the muscle cells to take up Glucose without requiring Insulin.
  • Some degree of cancer prevention by helping you attain a healthy weight and by improving efficiency of immune reactions
  • Increasing bone strength and density and guard against Osteoporosis by increasing calcium deposition, and balancing techniques like Tai Chi decrease the incidence of having a bone-breaking fall.

In order to realize as many of the benefits listed above, I recommend the following exercises:


Like a machine that must be run periodically to keep it from getting rusty, your muscles and joints also need movement from time to time in order to maintain optimal efficiency. Moderately stretching muscles through their full range of motion at their respective joints can go a long way especially for the elderly in preventing joint pains and muscular spasms, and in keeping their body toned and ready to go.

Remember to stretch for 15 to 20 minutes before every exercise you partake so that you can perform efficiently. Stretch after your workouts to relieve any residual stress on your body, and you will feel relaxed and cool.


Walking is a great way to begin incorporating an exercise regime into your lifestyle especially if you are a beginner to any type of exercise. It’s simple, effective for all age groups and above all it’s absolutely free; no special equipment required at all (if you discount the treadmill of course). The benefits of this activity are diverse.


These are essentially balancing techniques. Yoga is used to balance the mental and physical states of the body and Tai Chi consists of specified slow and rhythmic movements of the hands and feet to teach the body to stabilize itself. An additional benefit is that these techniques promote mental relaxation and stress management.

Muay Thai

This is also known as Thai Boxing and it is very much popular in Thailand. It is considered as the national sport there. Apart from its cultural significance it is one of the main reason of country’s gross fitness and decreased rate of health deterioration. It’s history is hundreds of years ago and now its modern from is in practice. For visitors who are planning to move around Thailand this Muay Thai at is a must-try.  It’s health benefits includes; muscle strength, increase response time, more calories burn out and better appetite. This not only increases your good cholesterol  but also prevents heart attacks and cancer.