Idle Pleasures

Idle Pleasures

In a world that seems to be spinning itself faster and faster towards destruction with each passing day, stress is one of the crucial factors we have to handle. Finding to time to relax is important, but if you put too much store in some ‘lifestyle blogs’ you’d believe that self care has to be extremely expensive and complicated, with the effort of getting it right causing stress that almost outweighs the pleasure of whatever perfect activity you’re striving towards.

Today we’re introducing a few ‘idle pleasures’ to really relax. Things you can do with only a little time and less budget to help you take a little pleasure in the world around you and breath out some of your worries.

A Good Bath

One of the best idle pleasures is that of a hot bath. Douglas Adams, affected with writers block, was capable of spending whole days at a time in the bath. We don’t quite suggest that, but getting baths write is one of the best ways to relax.

It should be deep, and hot enough to wallow in for at least at an hour before you start to feel uncomfortable. Expensive bath products are not a must: you can indulge in bath oil if that helps you relax, a splash of radox if that’s all you need. The important thing is the warmth, the quiet, the amniotic sense of comfort you attain.

The best and most relaxing baths are those you have when everyone else is busy, and you have the house to yourself, with only the radio for company so for a truly idle pleasure, call in sick, make a pot of tea and take to your bath for the longest morning soak imaginable.

A Walk

If you’re feeling stressed, and you’ve been in the office or house all day, then a good remember is simply to get outside for a bit.

Where people go wrong is imagining that if they don’t live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, the outside world is oppressive and not worth your time. Even if you live in the middle of a concrete desert it’s still good for your mental health to get outside when life is getting you down. You don’t have to plan an epic hike – a ten minute stroll round the block will get raise your heart rate and clear your head.

Taking the time to be really present as you walk, to walk for the pleasure of walking and enjoy what you can see around you, even if it’s as simply as a flower growing in a crack in the pavement is free, takes only as much time as you have and gives you a new perspective on the most banal surroundings.