Fascinating Advancements In Sanitation Practices

Fascinating Advancements In Sanitation Practices

The term “garbage dump” is an antiquated term. Today, the appropriate term is landfill. Unlike garbage dumps, landfills are a regulated facility that operates within strict guidelines. Today’s landfills offer many economic and environmental benefits. Landfills are designed to function with optimum efficiency and with concern for noise level and visual impact they have on the area where they’re located.

Sanitation Laws

Individual states have put sanitation regulations in place to protect people’s health in the environment. Sanitation regulations monitor everything from food preparation and storage to businesses that provide services such as hair salon. These regulations also monitor public water-distribution systems. Sanitation laws help reduce the illness and disease.

Mining Landfills

Landfill mining is the process of excavating a landfill in order to separate various materials. Recyclable materials are separated from non-recyclable items. Hazardous material is removed and handled appropriately as is biodegradable waste. Various types of equipment such as an excavator, tractor, and front-end loader are used in the landfill mining process. An air classifier can be used to separate material by size, shape and density. This new technological practice could be a great way in the future to both reduce land waste and recycle resources.

Fascinating Advancements In Sanitation Practices

Muffin Monster Grinders

In order to operate a waste management facility efficiently, it is essential that steps are taken to keep the equipment running properly. Frequent or extensive repairs are not cost-effective. Muffin monster grinders are often used to reduce the likelihood of equipment malfunction that can occur when foreign material damages the equipment. The muffin monster can grind wood, plastics, rocks, sludge and various other materials that can cause equipment damage.


Many home improvement projects such as a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project or outdoor improvement such as replacing guttering or old fencing will leave you with old material to dispose of. Many landfills have recycling areas where you can drop these items off. You might want to consider embarking on a DIY project that involves repurposing some of the old items. Metal gutters can be transformed into planters, bookshelves or other creative, useful items. There’s an abundance of ways you can repurpose pieces of an old fence. You don’t have to be an expert craftsman to successfully complete a repurposing project.

Sanitation Technology

Sanitation technology has opened up new opportunities for controlling gas emission and converting gas to energy. Technological advances have increased the efficiency of landfill operation. Statistical information can be measured and recorded more accurately.

Landfills are striving to overcome a stigma of being an environmental hazard and community eyesore. Improved methods of controlling odor have been implemented. An attempt to educate the public on the importance of recycling has also helped reduce the number of items being taken to landfills.