Cuba, A Country Made Of Islands!!!

Cuba, A Country Made Of Islands!!!

Cuba, the cocktail country along the Carribean coast is not only the island city but also known for its salsa music across the world. The country’s main economy comes from the export of sugar, tobacco, and coffee. The best time to go to Cuba will be along the Christmas time.

Best foods to try:-

Cuba is well-known for its spices and flavors. There are a lot of items to choose from the menu with Cuba sandwich being something to die for. Some of the locality menus will be,

  • Moors and Christians.
  • Fried Plantains.
  • Helado de mango.
  • Tuna in the sauce.

Cubano sandwich is one of the main lunch dishes which is a must try dish for the foodie lovers.

Best places to visit:-

When it comes to Cuba, there are not only famous beaches and hats. It has a handful of an event filled places and spaces. Some being,


The city of Havana is also known as the city of nightlife. The most exciting things to gaze over are the handmade tobaccos in small-scale factories and rum. Now get the bad ass selfie with a tobacco one hand and rum on the other.


A sucker for the architecture? Then Trinidad will be a feast for the creator in you. From the plaza mayor to Palacio Brunet mansion, everything has a work of art in them. This is also the best place to shop for souvenirs.


Not a fan of history or mystery? Not a problem, Cuba also has a special place for the adventure loving people. Vinales, the beautiful and mesmerizing national park along the Vinales valley is known for adventure with the hiking trails and caves to add a mystery to the trek.


An island vacation will be incomplete without a visit to the beach; Varadero is one of the famous beach destinations in Cuba which entertains from kids to the adult in one way or other. From camel ride to caves, this is one of the exciting spots in Cuba.

Best time to visit:-

Cuba, the best spot for the family vacation is not for all month. They have only two seasons’ sunny summer and rainy wet season. The best time to go to Cuba will be the months of December to May, especially December as this month is famous for Havana’s jazz festival, a time in which best rum and concerts will be available for the tourist.

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