5 Most Awaited Slot Releases Of This Spring

5 Most Awaited Slot Releases Of This Spring

An attribute that has set video slot apart is its technological invention yearly; it moves from one level of more technological advancement to the other. Surely, you wouldn’t like to compare the conventional slot machines with video slots. Moreover, you can enjoy video slots and get bonuses at https://automatenherz.com/bonus/.

The innovative idea video slot is known for comes in form of series, featuring musicians and other iconic figures.

Of course, I am pretty sure you cannot wait for the 5 most awaited slot releases of this spring. But before then, you get to read this piece so that your eagerness and curiosity would be further fuelled. Not only that, these 5 most awaited slot releases of this spring will surely give you a tip of what to expect from the releases later in the Year.

Here are 5 Video Slots you’ve been Itching for!

James Bond

Now, the video game has come for the fans and well-wishers of the ace and talented spy. In no meantime, you will get to inhabit the desired lifestyle of James Bond through video slots. The initial slots of the series that were released in 2017 were Casino Royale, Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever. The unveiling was greeted with fun and fanfare at the year’s Global Gaming Expo. Although the new release may not contain Aston Martin but you will definitely enjoy the fun of Agent 007.


This is another great anticipated release in the Year. To those who enjoyed the HBO series premiered in 2016, this is definitely for you. A certainty of the awaited release is its ability to ensure multiple generations through Wild West story. All things being equal, this video slot will shake the world and leave an intriguing feeling in its players. If the plans of Aristocrats Technologies to release the series gains expression later in the year, you should not miss Westworld; a world full of fantasy.

Wheel of Fortune 4D

For now, it seems needless to remind you of the success of IGT in Wheel of Fortune video slots than telling you how the company plans to come up with 4D of the game in 2018. The Company seeks to build on their enormous past successes in producing this game. It will certainly be enjoyed by both the young and old as its visuals are very clear and charming. You have always known the standard and quality of IGT, don’t expect less in the much awaited release in the spring. Playing the game does not require using 3D glasses; this is the first of its kind. More impressively, hactic technology designs the game in a way that players will receive feedback from the game without even touching the screen. With the use of gestures, you will be able to maneuver the game. You surely wouldn’t like to miss any of these enticing features of the slot.

Shark Week

Another one on the list of the 5 most awaited slot releases on this spring! This seems to be far from your prediction list right? Relax! it’s going to be exciting and fun-filled. The unique pictorial image of the sea creatures in this slot makes it enticing and appealing. More so, it can be played in groups of six and bonuses are available for co-players. Never miss Shark Week when it is finally out!

Sing’in the Rain

The last but least on the list! This video slot is very different in the sense that it targets people of the ?ast generation’; its audience is the older generation due to the style employed in it. Further, it is built on a classic film for the purpose of getting the attention of old players. Sing’in the Rain features clips and songs from 1952 film. It promises to be a flashback of the Hollywood days of old. Don’t miss this for anything.

All the 5 most awaited releases of this spring are surely promising; enticing, exciting, charming and intriguing. You have no reason for missing any this spring. They are for all categories of people; young and old. Your local slot venue should be one of the places to visit this spring.

Patrick Roth is author of this article. He is a professional gamer, gaming blogger and guest writer. Patrick is from Berlin, but he likes to travel around the world and visit different casinos.