New Online Print Operation Platforms Bring Record Success To UK Printing Technology Firm

Where The Trade Buys, a leading UK print technology company, has recorded nearly 90% growth due to its use of advanced print production operating systems and focus on attracting emerging brands.

Managing director, Gary Peeling, said that the firm is improving its profit margin and increasing production thanks in part to the implementation of the Site Flow platform — an online program designed to manage large volumes of short-run and customised tasks from submission to delivery.

New Online Print Operation Platforms Bring Record Success To UK Printing Technology Firm

Commenting on his company’s success and the Site Flow program, Peeling said: “It is a fast-growing website that allows customers to configure jobs the way that they want and in the quantities they want.”

Where The Trade Buys is based in south and north-east England and offers high-quality booklet printing among other print services. Alongside its sister company, Precision Printing, it works with 10,000 print customers and 700 new clients every month. Currently, Precision Printing will achieve a turnover of £30 million by 2019 and has already recorded a turnover of £23 million last year.

Site Flow works to automate the entire print production, offering full visibility and flexibility with a bird’s eye view of all processes. The platform provides an overview of online navigations, while simplifying and streamlining the print procedure for a faster process.

In the printing technology sector, success depends on handling many “runs of one print, consolidation and dispatch”, claims Peeling. He added: “It is reckoned that 17% of the £12.6 billion commercial print sector in the EU is online and that will grow to 42% by 2020.”

Similarly, KHL Printing Co has also achieved success by utilising new technologies in its processes. KHL Printing Co began using PrintOS Site Flow last year, making the move to Site Flow in a bid to improve “turnaround times and save labour,” which has since allowed the company to expand its range.

£13.8 billion is the figure provided by the British Printing Industry Federation for the UK print industry’s current turnover. However, there will be value growth in the industry over the next two years, if reports by the British Printing Industries Federation are to be believed. Therefore, a strong relationship with online services is encouraged across the printing technology sector in order for print companies to be successful in the future. Peeling has admitted that his company’s offset turnover has “increased thanks to RMGT SRA1 presses and is at £6 million”.

Where The Trade Buys is currently expanding into Australia and moved to a £1.5 million site in Dagenham last year.