ITIL and Prince2 Basics

In these contemporary times, more and more people are choosing to pursue a career in the field of technology. This is a prudent decision given that the 21st century has given rise to the prevalence of PCs, mobile devices, internet marketing, and a plethora of other lasting trends that have changed the way we work and play. In discussing the benefits of pursuing a career in the fields of information technology, writer Lauren Csorny notes that “The high demand for the services provided by this industry has created a large number of fast-growing and high-paying IT jobs.” If you are interested in pursuing a career in technology, you should think critically about attaining a quality education in the field. Additionally, you should seek certification and training in ITIL and Prince2. By learning more about these two fields, you will be more than prepared to pursue your dream of working within the technology sector.


As many technology experts know, the term ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. After being developed within the UK’s government system, ITIL best practices are now outlined in five core publications. These publications offer a professional and systematic approach to IT services management. Once grasped, these practices help organizations provide the public with the right services while ensuring that they deliver benefits and meet business goals.

Once you grasp the integral role that ITIL training can play in preparing you for a career in technology, you should strongly consider taking a course that enables you to master the subject. Many of the courses will help you:

  • Use ITIL terminology
  • Identify the sub-activities for best practice processes
  • Understand the ITIL processes needed in your IT department
  • Understand your role and responsibilities with respect to IT Service Management
  • Understand aspects of implementing ITIL processes
  • Create a cycle of continuous improvement

To give you an even better understanding of what you’re likely to learn in an ITIL class, note that you’ll probably learn about the history of ITIL, the service life cycle, service strategies, and service design. With respect to service design, you’re likely to learn about things including service design, service catalogue management, design coordination, service level management, availability management, capacity management, and supplier management. You will also likely learn about service operations such as incident management, request fulfillment, access management, event management, and application management. Another subject area you’re likely to learn about is technology and architecture.

Just as familiarizing yourself with ITIL can play an integral role in preparing you for a career in technology, studying Prince2 will be very advantageous for you. Prince2, which is an acronym for projects in controlled environments, is basically a project management methodology. Like ITIL, Prince2 was developed by the UK government. It was subsequently used by the government as the project management standard for the public projects it facilitated. Just as individuals preparing to enter the field of technology can benefit from training in the Prince2 sector, people who want to become a trainer or consultant in the field can also do so by undergoing the certification process.


To understand how Prince2 works, note that it is based on the following seven principles:

  • -continued business justification
  • learning from experience
  • defined roles and responsibilities
  • manage by stages
  • manage by exception
  • focus on products
  • tailoring things to suit the project environment

Additionally, Prince2 is predicated on seven themes:

  1. business case
  2. organization
  3. quality
  4. plans
  5. risk
  6. change
  7. progress

Finally, Prince2 incorporates seven processes:

  1. Starting up a project
  2. Initiating a project
  3. Directing a project
  4. Controlling a stage
  5. Managing stage boundaries
  6. Managing product delivery
  7. Closing a project

When you begin looking for a program in order to attain certification, make sure the program is globally recognized.

Technology Degrees

In recognizing that attaining training in ITIL and Prince2 can be integral to ensuring your proficiency in the field of technology, don’t forget that earning a degree can make you even more marketable than simply holding certificates. With that in mind, think critically about which technology program you want to pursue in order to begin working in your chosen field. There are numerous degrees you could attain, such as a Bachelor of Science in technological entrepreneurship and management. This type of degree will afford you a foundation in technological innovation while also making you proficient in the areas of entrepreneurship and management fundamentals, leadership, process innovation and development, and project leadership.

Some of the courses you might take as you pursue the degree could include Success in Technology & Innovation, Computer Literacy, Design Methodology, and Innovation Management. Other degrees you could pursue related to the field of technology include Computer Science, Information Systems, and Database Communications.


As made plain by the increasingly prevalent role that technology plays in our daily lives, attaining a degree in the field can be very advantageous for you. By seeking both education and certification in ITIL and Prince2, you will be well on your way to developing the career you’ve dreamed of. Good luck!