Is It Easy To Immigrate To Australia?

Is It Easy To Immigrate To Australia?

In order to visit or move to the Land Down Under, you need to obtain official permission in the form of a visa. There any many options for immigrants who need or desire to enter Australia. There are more than 80,000 placements every year, out of which half these spots go to skilled migrants. About 32,000 go to family migrants. Students also flock to Australia to pursue their higher studies. According to your needs or purpose, you may apply for a visa under these different categories to find an easy way to immigrate to Australia.

Is It Easy To Immigrate To Australia?

  • Employer Sponsored Workers

If you able to find an employer who can offer you a job then it can be the quickest way to get your first foot into Australia. It can easily lead to a permanent residency

It works only for approved skills; the employer can satisfy the government that no Australian worker is available for the job. It is only possible for highly skilled jobs to come straight in on a permanent visa and it also depends upon available schemes.

  • Professionals and other Skilled Migrants

It is also known as General Skilled Migration program. This only for those over 18 and less than 45 years old and also can speak good English.

  • Business People

Again, I believe this option is only available to those over 18 and under 45 years of age. Known as a Business Skills Visa, In this category, you will need to establish or invest in an Australian business.

Employing the necessary number of Australians, this too can lead to permanent residency. According to my view buying a franchise can work.

  • Doctors and Nurses

In Australia, there is a requirement of doctors and nurses which want to get Australia PR.

  • Investor Retirement

if you are over 55 and without dependants except for your spouse and you can prove that you are self-funded, it is possible for you that you can retire in Australia. You will not get a permanent residency but you do get a four-year visa. You can apply again if you fail to meet the requirements and it is up for renewal as long as you still satisfy the requirements.

  • Working Holiday Visa (WHV)

The Working Holiday Visa is clearly not permanent. But for those aged between 18 and 30, it’s a fantastic way of visiting the country to see if you like it.

Suppose you have a skill which is in demand here, then coming over for 12 months and representing your skills to a number of employers may well lead to an Employer-Sponsored job offer. It is one of the fastest ways to get here in small steps. Holiday Visa – Sponsored Visa – Permanent Visa.

The WHV, similar Work, and Holiday visas are only available to passport holders from qualifying nations

WHV: Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

Work and holiday: Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and the USA.

I hope you found your answer to the question “is it easy to immigrate to Australia?”