Basic Amenity For Metro Cities: Pollution Mask

Basic Amenity For Metro Cities: Pollution Mask

We have heard many times in Society and specifically from the Government side in the Elections that there are three basic Amenities for a Human Being

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter

After the Technological renaissance of the Society, there was another Add on to this list that is a Mobile Phones.

But in some recent Years, chasing the above four amenities gave birth to another thing which will surely become the latest add-on to the basic necessity list I.e. A Pollution Mask.

Not necessary to mention that this is due to the progressive graph of Pollution levels in Metro cities especially.

However, that will change the pictorial view of the city as we will see everybody wearing it.

But Thank God!

These Masks are also evolving with Time.

Evolution of this Product is also continuous, right from the beginning from a heavy muslin cloth to the paper light Doctor mask used for surgery and to the one with a filter kind of thing which makes you feel more secure, at least in your subconsciousness.

Basic Amenity For Metro Cities: Pollution Mask

But there is another invention in the field which was earlier made by the U.S but now brought in India as well.


Yes, as the Name suggests it is not majorly for the face but for your Nose specifically through which the Polluting Particles enter in your body. Through a research, it’s been stated that major portion of Allergic virus or bacteria causing diseases enter your body through Nose as cannot filter the air entering in 24*7.

But the Tables seems to be turning now a day.

With the help of this product which Nasal filter(nose filters air pollution) which seems to be like a butterfly at the first instance, vanishes the all main disadvantages of the masks available in the market.


  • It is as light as Air.
  • One can wear it in Nose only.
  • Filters out Air entering into Nose with tiny cushion filters.
  • Wear it doing any activity like Eating is easy.
  • Can be reused for a long.

From the above stated pointed, looks like this Is the future of Air filters for the Humans. There is no way out to completely wipe off the pollution from our lives, whether you are part of Youth of this Nation or the Senior citizens or any Kid, everybody will be in need to wear air filters because they have to live, has to earn has to grow further. As Humans cannot stop from chasing their needs and pressurizing the Mother Nature to the extent. On other hands, they should be ready for the bounce back as well.