4 Technological Advancements to Help HR Reps Be Successful

In this digital age, there are several options for how to better manage employees at any company. Some of the most successful companies employ these strategies. It can be time consuming for Human Resources to keep track of all the components and still maintain compliance. Here are some ways that technology is improving the HR field.

4 Technological Advancements to Help HR Reps Be Successful


There are applicant tracking tools that can be used. This allows for a potential employee to fill out an online application. The system can then automatically make sure that the candidate meets all of the basic requirements. Some systems even allow for a background check to be completed before the HR department even has to spend time screening the applicants.

These candidates are managed electronically so that they don’t fall through the cracks. A recruiter has the option to depose each candidate and send an electronic status update. The information can then be forwarded onto the hiring manager to decide if they would like to conduct an interview. The manager can use the same system and send their feedback to the recruiter. This helps to make the hiring process more streamlined and compliant.

Benefit and Timecard Management

Every year open enrollment occurs. An electronic system eliminates the mounds of paper associated with signing up for benefits. It also allows employees to obtain information about different benefit choices without having to make a call to their HR representative. It allows employees to enroll in their benefits electronically.

Some programs will generate a list for HR to follow up on when the deadline is getting close. Instead of checking those paper timecards, time tracking can also be done electronically. Some systems will populate an alert when there is a missing entry. The manager and employee can be notified that this needs to be corrected prior to the deadline. This ensures that payroll can be completed correctly and efficiently.

Online Training

Many companies have what is termed an onboarding process once an employee is hired. This generally involves making sure that the employee has the necessary background information before they start hands on training. Things like safety and general rules and regulations are covered during this phase. It also involves making sure that all of the pertinent employee forms are filled out prior to them starting at the job site. These forms are required to be completed within a specified timeframe to maintain compliance standards.

There are several programs that allow this process to be completed online. This allows for more employees to go through the program at one time, thereby shortening the loss of productivity time for the employee responsible for this program. You can also consider using online platforms like The eLearning Guild and similar businesses to help you with your training.

Managing Performance

Most people don’t look forward to a performance review. It can be stressful for both the employee and the person administering the review. It can also increase the workload of the employee having to write the reviews and remember what goals were set during the previous review.

There is HR software available that can help to make this experience something that is beneficial to improving the employee’s performance. The review doesn’t just need to be a recap of what was accomplished, but can be something meaningful in helping them further their career. Some programs send a reminder when reviews are due. It can also send the employee a survey to complete about how they think they are doing. Peer reviews can be obtained to help give the employee a well-rounded review. This can be a good jumping off point for the conversation on employee performance.

Technology is helping to make Human Resources more efficient, compliant and successful at their job functions. Try utilizing some of the advantages that this new technology has to offer.