Top Considerations for Businesses About to Relocate

Top Considerations for Businesses About to Relocate

Business owners consider relocating their businesses to new locations every day for a variety of reasons including lowering cost, more space and access to better customers. If you are thinking about moving your business to a new location, then there are many different factors that you may need to keep in mind. Here are four things you may want to consider before moving your business to a new location.

Top Considerations for Businesses About to Relocate

Understand the Culture

Almost every region has its own culture, so make sure that your business is a great fit before you relocate. For example, in Portland, Oregon, blue jeans and a polo are acceptable for most work environments while in Chicago, many workplaces require a suit and tie. Likewise, workers in San Francisco expect to get off near quitting time while those in New York City may expect to work long hours. Some smaller communities warmly welcome new companies while you may find it extremely difficult to fit into others. Understanding the workplace culture in each region will help you decide if it is a good fit for your business.

Think About Building Costs

Most businesses find space in smaller communities much cheaper than in larger markets. For example, a square foot of office space in Kellogg, Iowa, may sell for under $0.04. A square foot of office space in Manhattan, however, may cost you over $75. The tradeoff is that getting supplies delivered to your business may be more expensive. Make sure to not overlook the need for airports, train tracks and highway access when deciding to relocate.

Contemplate Trained Workforce

If you need workers with specific skills, then make sure that they will be available before you relocate your business. For example, finding people with the knowledge to care for livestock may be difficult in Los Angeles while finding enough people with high-tech skills on the plains of Nebraska may be challenging. Look to see if there are local training programs that will help train workers at a reduced cost. Additionally, local communities may help you pay for training workers, but both options take time.

Judge Moving Costs

Chances are that you will need to hire a professional moving company, like Affordable Moving Company, to relocate your business as these companies have the skills and labor necessary to relocate your company. Arrange the move as far ahead as possible, and plan to have inventory on hand before the move. Think about paying to move your top executives with you as you do not want to lose their knowledge. They can also help to establish your unique company culture. Furthermore, they make wonderful representatives of your company as people in the new community are introduced to the goods and services that you offer.

There are a lot of things to think about before you relocate your company. Use these ideas as a springboard for your own research.