How to Become Best Writer at Medium in Personal Growth?

The medium as a writing platform is completely different from others. It is a place that shares your ideas and stories different from the various blogs and websites. The platform doesn’t promote a product or service but simply showcase the collection of various articles of writers. The medium has divided the platform into several publications. Similarly, personal growth is also a publication category which has a motto “keep learning. Keep growing”. After a thorough research, we have come up with the tactics and strategies that writers can adapt to become a proficient writer at Medium in personal growth.

Strategy 1: Content Quality

The quality of the concept you incorporate while writing is what makes you an expert. As a peyou rsonal development expert, should know how to create change in people and assist them in dealing with their issue through the power of your content. You should illustrate the elements such as honesty and vulnerability in your writing to make it more authentic. Be yourself and self-deprecating to show what you have learned and what made you the individual you are today. Show them all scars are an essential part if you seek unprecedented growth.

Strategy 2: Showcase Your Knowledge

To become the best writer on medium in personal growth you need to showcase that you have actually dealt with the problems that you are writing. You need to portray out there that you have gained knowledge from all the practices that you have done. A content that is not supported by personal opinion tends to lose the strength that it should hold. Adopt the best style of writing truth to make it more influential. Realize that people are seeking your article because they seem to lack something, it could be their career, relationship or more.

Strategy 3: Frequency of Your Post

Posting frequently on the medium is another key aspect of becoming an expert. You post an exceptionally well-written piece on personal growth but suddenly vanished for days, this practice reduces the chances of you becoming the best writer at medium

Strategy 4: Attractive Headline

The headline is the most important part when writing. It is what makes readers click on the article. Some come up with an emotional and compelling headline by spending some time refining it. Think of a motivational headline; add punctuations to make it more conversational and easier for people to read.

Strategy 5: Share Other People Work

It’s important that as a writer on personal growth you must aim to share the work you yourself find inspiring. This practice builds your credibility in the readers as well as strengthens your position in the minds of the other writers. Also, doing so you get to learn about different tools that you could also adopt next time you write. Reach out to the people by engaging in the comments. Also, promote yourself shamelessly because you are helping people in their journey who will benefit from reading your work.

These strategies can help you transform into a skillful writer on the publication Personal Growth. Medium is a great platform that has fueled many careers and provided various opportunities, as a personal growth writer you can assist people in making sense of the chaotic life they think they are living.

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