Galaxy Note 9 More Leaks Pour In; It May Very Well Be The Galaxy S9 That We Didn’t See

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: The Future Of Android Smartphone

Samsung’s latest launch, the flagship for the year 2018, the Galaxy S9 has made a minor disruption in the crowd with some cheering and others frowning at the same time. For a flagship, we’d hoped to get the best, but ended up bargaining instead.

This is the reason why a lot of fans and others started talking about the next big innovation from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9.

A lot of the rumors pointing to the design and the features is cleared with the S9 launch. To get obvious out of the way, this time around we will get a new design, a full curved bezel-less design, taking the infinity display concept to a whole new level.

While the new design will be a delight, the dismay is that the in-display fingerprint sensor is not yet confirmed. The response of the current solution available in the market and cost of development for the Qualcomm solution has been a roadblock for the new tech. But the current position of the fingerprint sensor is much better than the Galaxy phones of yesteryear.

Galaxy Note 9 More Leaks Pour In; It May Very Well Be The Galaxy S9 That We Didn’t See

The other big feature will be a variable aperture camera like the S9. One of the dual camera sensors will incorporate a variable aperture module, which will now scale down to f/1.5 with wide angle 28mm lens, the other one a f/2.4 solution with 50mm lens, both with OIS as an added features. Although there are some rumors on the Snapdragon 855 in development, it may very well be possible that won’t ready for the Note 9 launch.

In that case, we will be stuck with the Snapdragon 845 with 6GB or 8GB options depending on the storage you pick.

All the new features, a new design, possibly new hardware, but the Galaxy Note 9 release date is not until September unless Samsung shows us a slight of hand.