What Hiring Manager Wants To See First On Your Resume?

With the technological advancement taking place, the job market has become highly competitive. The first thing students do after graduation is to apply to various corporations; to secure a position which promises career growth and learning. Students apply a significant amount of time for creating a resume that makes them stand out from the crowd. The students are utilizing the services of resume writing and LinkedIn profile writing in UAE, US and many other countries.  The resume is a marketing document for the service we are applying. We hear quite often from students that I have applied to 200 companies but they never called. It is because that your resume might lack the words or the relevant information that the company is looking for. Most of the resumes are filtered through Applicant Tracking system in companies as they lack the right amalgamation of keywords. This is the reason that 80% of the resumes get rejected after initial scanning. It is the reason that students need to pay attention to the details and focus on the specific job at hand that enhances the chance of getting the resume stand up for further scrutiny in order to be shortlisted for a job interview. The things that the hiring manager wants to see first on your resume are:

What Hiring Manager Wants To See First On Your Resume?

  • Relevancy with the position

The first thing that a hiring manager notice is whether your resume is relevant to the job posted about. The job-seekers are advice about how you should custom-tailor your resume for every position you are applying for. Your resume forms the first impression of quality you possess and what can you do for the company based on the reading of your resume. Employers don’t want to presume how your qualifications apply to their role. Make it apparent and obvious for the hiring manager to read.

What Hiring Manager Wants To See First On Your Resume?

  • Achievements

The candidate’s achievements also play a crucial role for the hiring manager. He wants to see if the applicant has actually achieved something. Make sure the huge chunk of achievement is prominent on the resume. It should instantly provide the snapshot to the recruiter of your achievements and skill set.

What Hiring Manager Wants To See First On Your Resume?

  • Proper Format

The applicants especially the new in the job market don’t give enough consideration to the format, however, it is extremely crucial for the hiring manager. The resume should be put together that it becomes presentable. The well-designed resume highlights all the best in the first third of the document. Also, you must make sure that all the expected information is in place so that he doesn’t have to waste time searching for it. Only include the information relevant to the job.

What Hiring Manager Wants To See First On Your Resume?

  • A professional summary

A resume that highlights and provides the professional summary in the concise words is what makes a resume stand out among others. The recruiter must get the idea of how your abilities and you as a person are an asset to the organization.

It is important to get the recruiter interested in the first few lines of the resume to land yourself in an interview. Make sure you incorporate these keys into your resume to boost your chances in your dream organization.


Adilah Bisar is a freelance writer and a human resource manager in a reputable organization. He has been involved in the industry for more than fifteen years and likes to share his experience and knowledge for nurturing the individuals to teach, mentor and coach them.