What A Bargain: Tax Free Shopping In The USA

What A Bargain: Tax Free Shopping In The USA

Are you ready for the USA shopping? Then, you should learn about taxes in the most of American cities. You must be ready that the price in the shop and the price in your check are different. The price in your check is 8 – 10% higher. The taxation depends on the state you shop in. So, the price can be higher or lower in some point. There are states where the taxation is 0% to make shopping profitable.

Taxation in the USA

The taxation depends on the state you go to shop. The size of taxation can be different. The buyers must pay for the goods in full of share. So, it is better to go somewhere to save your money. Where? What are the tax free states and cities? So, what are the tax free states? They are Oregon, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire. Thus, if you want to buy something big or expensive you should use Car Rental Portland Oregon under 25 service which are many in the city and go shopping in the fastest way.


Saving-Money Shopping

If you don’t want to go to the tax free state, you can try to catch the sale. There is a popular practice. If you spent about 100 – 150 $ for shopping in the shopping mall, your sale can be about 9,5 – 14%. Anyway, you can send your check to the special tax free service to get your tax money back if you are foreigner. No cash! Only credit card! If you haven’t cashed your check before your flight, never throw it away. The terms of cashing are unlimited.

Cheap Shops in the USA

The first type of the cheap shop in America is department store. That means the group of small shops under one roof.

Welcome to mall. This is a shopping center that takes about the whole district. It is situated in the city suburbs or on the edge of it. There can be strip mall (mini mall) – the shops are placed along the highway with the parking places. The service and prices depend on the type of the shop. You shouldn’t look for the high quality clothes in the mini mall. But you can also find the cheap prices under the shop signs: must be sold, сlearence, final sale, closeout, blowout sale, out of business sale.

If you have an opportunity, you should go to a big mall. It is cheaper and takes less time. You can find the Outlet mall. Outlet is a shop of the cut-price goods. Let’s see. Usual shop takes the goods once in a week. It is not profitable to keep the goods for long. This is a great opportunity to buy high quality clothes for cheap.

Discount stores- the shops that are specialized in trade with the Brand name goods only.

TJ Maxx – the biggest chain shop in America that trade with the popular brand goods for 20-50% sale.

Burlington – a rich selection of top clothing.



Department stores

Such popular shop chains are Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreen, K-Mart. All of them give you a nice opportunity to save money. Of course, the quality of goods is not high. The most of shops work from Monday till Saturday. Pay attention to that fact that the prices in the shop and in the check are different.


Sales in the USA

The sale prices are 20-60% lower than ever. You can often catch sales in the end of the season and before the holidays. Coming to the shop for sale, you can catch nothing because the good is sold out. So, you should ask for raincheck that gives you a guarantee to buy that particular kind of good for sale the next time. There are many shops that have more than half of goods for sale. The clients are always attracted with the prices like 9 dollars 99 cents instead of 10 dollars. It often works.

Sale goods are also profitable for a shop that makes the price higher and when there is no one to buy it, it makes the goods for sale. It is better to buy for sale those things that you don’t need now. It can be very difficult to find the thing you need right now for sale. Every shop has its own sale system: the last thing, rare clothes, big or small size.

Sales are also popular before holidays. Thus, there are many American shops that offer to buy free turkey before Thanksgiving Day. You get a ticket for every 10 dollars you spent in the shop. You should gather tickets and take a turkey for them before Thanksgiving Day. There are also shops that are called cash and carry. You can buy goods for cheap there if you buy them in large quantity. The sales coupon is the most popular and easy way to get a sale.

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Cheap and Popular Trade Marks in America

Here is the list of the most popular brands that produce only high quality but cheap goods in America. You can find them in the Departmеnt store, Discount store.

Women and men wear, clothes for teens:

Banana Republic – cashmere, wool and cotton brand clothes

Ralph Lauren – the most popular designer in America

DKNY – linen and underwear

Kenneth Cole – sport clothes

Tommy Hilfiger – clothes for teenagers

Gap – high quality sport wear

Old Navy

Jones New York

Eddie Bauer

Liz Claiborn – women suits

Guess, Calvin Klein, Levi”s

Old Navy Trolley-1

Cosmetics and Perfumery

Looking for the cheapest cosmetics, you should buy it in Wal-Mart or Walgreen.

It is also very profitable to buy cosmetic sets. For example, you can buy body cream, lotion and toilet water. Of course, such companies as Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique have no sales. Sometimes, if you buy products for 16 – 25 dollars you can get a present to buy a big cosmetic sale for sale. There are many companies that can make a face powder for you in 30 minutes. MAC is a kind of professional cosmetic brand. It is also not very cheap but high quality.