Radical Recruiting: How To Find Potential Hires At A College Job Fair

Radical Recruiting: How To Find Potential Hires At A College Job Fair

A part of being able to hire the right people is to know where to start looking. A job fair brings in a lot of potential hires. Here are some of the ways to attract the candidate of your choice:

Radical Recruiting: How To Find Potential Hires At A College Job Fair

Use Alumni Resources

Staff your booth with people who graduated from the college in which the fair is located. This will help to create a connection for people that are visiting your booth. Let them know about all of the great opportunities that your company has to offer. This may be the incentive that a potential candidate needs to consider your company. Alumni also know the layout of the campus. They are better able to understand the demands of the programs.

Work with Departments with Shared Interests

Ask departments on campus that relate to your industry to advertise for the job fair. Have them encourage students that are interested to visit your booth. This way you will attract candidates that are qualified to work for you. Consider including departments that are somewhat related to your industry. You want to be able to attract a wide diversity of students. Set up your marketing campaign a few weeks before the job fair. This will allow for people to plan to attend.

Attract Your Audience

Use a booth that is likely to catch the eye. Bring some of the products that your company makes to show your audience. You might even bring some of the things that you use as an example. Consider giving out gift cards to a local coffee house. This can attract more people to see what you have to offer. Use information holders, like those made by Productive Plastics, to allow people to learn the important facts about your company. This will allow those that are unsure about interacting with you to get your information.

Come Prepared

Have contact cards ready so that people can fill them out. Make sure to send everyone a thank you and let them know about your process after the fair. This will ensure that all potential candidates feel included in the process. Come prepared to be able to conduct interviews on the spot for exceptional candidates. Having this ability can land you a hire who might have been snapped up by someone else. Use this time to really interact with the attendees. By giving them your full attention, you can better identity candidates that you want.

A job fair is a good opportunity to find the right candidate for your company. Use these tips to get the most benefit out of the fair.