Ceramic Foam Filters A New Dimension In The Construction Industry

Ceramic Foam Filters A New Dimension In The Construction Industry

When we buy the ceramic foam filters from the ceramic foam filter suppliers, we think of how it would have been manufactured. This is a new industrial ceramic product that has bought on with low bulk density of 0.25 ~ 0.65 g/cm3. This does have a higher porosity and is considered to be a three dimensional reticulated structure.

As being manufactured by the ceramic foam filter manufacturers, this is excellent to bear high temperature, strong chemical corrosion resistant and have a large surface area to result in high porosity. This is widely used in molten metal filtration to remove undesirable non metallic inclusions in the melt.

As per the ceramic foam filter manufacturers, these are manufactured in step by step manner. The first step requires the filtering step which is associated with removal of impurities and improving the quality of the final product. Later depending on that the filter is subjected to high temperatures and a corrosive environment.

The filter material is present with good temperature and chemical resistance as needed. There are lot more to go in the manufacturing process which is even not known to the ceramic foam filter suppliers as this is only limited to the manufacturing process. These are done with high pressure and the metals used are aluminium, zinc, magnesium and even copper some times.

As per the manufacturers, these are associated with preventing potential defects like shrinkage voids, gas porosity and even trapped inclusions can be removed by placing ceramic foam filters. This is used to reduce gas and inclusions that are contained in casting with reducing the turbulence level of the molten metal when it is filled with mold, reducing the surface defects in casting and even significantly reduces the rejection rate of the casting.