6 Daily Habits That Harm Your Immune System

6 Daily Habits That Harm Your Immune System

The immune system is the most important system of the body when it comes to preventing diseases. A weak immune system linked to the diseases that cause infections and many other health problems. But did you know that some daily habits can weaken your immunity? Here are the most common causes of the deficient immune system. Some people have a strong immune system and others have a weaker immune system. The healthy immune system protects your body from harmful diseases.


Our body contains 70% water. So, to maintain this level, you should drink plenty of water a day. Water is required for proper functioning of the body. But if you do not drink enough water, the immune system is affected and becomes vulnerable to bacteria and microbes in the air. It is recommended to drink during the day at least 8-10 glasses of water.

Eat too much Protein

Excess protein, especially from animals meat, generates an increased production of IGF1 hormone in the human body. This hormone accelerates cellular aging and weakens the body’s immunity. So if you know you eat too many animal products, it would be advisable to reduce them quantitatively and increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

Lack of Healthy Fat Diet

Indeed, you need to avoid trans fat products, which are hydrogenated vegetable oils from the fast food and junk food industry (snacks, chips, cakes), but also in pastries, refined and double-walled oils cooking, margarine and other products.  Saturated fats can increase total blood cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which can lead to the cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

However, we must not avoid “good” fats, ie., unsaturated (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated) fats. They are predominantly found in vegetable oils, quality spread spreads, fish (eg. omega 3 and 6), nuts and oleaginous seeds. These good fats have anti-inflammatory properties that help to boost your immune system.

Excessive Fast Food Consumption

We all know that fast food foods contain a large amount of oil and car condiments, ultimately affecting the body by depositing toxins and fat. In addition to the fact that fast food causes obesity, it can cause more health problems. And the immune system has to suffer, gradually.

Negligence of Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene must be extremely important to us. We are seeing more and more people around us repeatedly suffering from bacterial diseases. This is the main symptom of knowing that the immune system is deficient. If you do not use antibacterial products or do not wash your hands with soap and water before eating It will dangerous to your health and linked to the infections.


Side effects of stress are known. If you are a stressed person, the body releases cortisol in a large amount. Cortisol is a hormone that is released only when we are stressed. Unfortunately, cortisol can affect the immune system.