Greatest IT Solutions: TOP 10 Gadgets Of 2017

Greatest IT Solutions: TOP 10 Gadgets Of 2017

Every year the rate of the most advanced IT gadgets is available. It usually includes the most popular IT pointes that are used by people. They are smartphones, game consoles and other elements that have already made the conquest of people’s hearts. The list of IT gadgets is strange this year. There are many items that nobody believed in. Nevertheless, all of the items have been already represented before at The Gadget Show Live in Birmingham. More than 200 IT specialties are represented there. You should hire a car in Birmingham and drive it to the exhibition center – Mecca for IT lovers.

Sony A7s

Sony Alpha A7R III

The new camera Sony is a real present for all photographers. It is digitally impeccable and acceptable by price, comparing with A9 Alpha. Alpha A7R III gained the popularity to be one of the best cameras in history. Technically, the camera is twice better than previous A9 model. This model is recommended to all who want to buy a new camera in the nearest future.

Apple Watch 3

Greatest IT Solutions TOP 10 Gadgets Of 2017

Nobody believes in the effectiveness of smart watches. The first smart watch was produced by Apple in 2015 to be doomed to disappear. In spite of this, the watch gained the hearts of users all over the world. It is worn by sportsmen, movie stars, politicians and the rest of people. This watch model has an opportunity to exist by itself with no connecting to smartphone. You can make a call with your watch with the help of the fixed SIM-card of special format. What is more, the watch is water resistant.

Xbox One X

Greatest IT Solutions TOP 10 Gadgets Of 2017

Meet the most powerful console in the game industry – Xbox One X. This gadget is able to give the picture in 4K resolution without the technical twists and turns like chess rendering. The console is quiet and not overheated because of the modern cooling system inside. The producer is proud of his creation to affirm that it is much better to buy powerful Xbox One X than the game computer for the same money.

Amazon Echo

The virtual assistants in form of the smart sound systems become more and more popular in our days. The leader company is Amazon. The newest development of Echo smart sound system became better in many points. It became smaller by size and attractive by design. The gadget is organized with the low cycle subwoofer and loudspeaker to make the music sound juicy and pleasant. The price of it is about $ 99 to be the most attractive purchase for Americans.

Amazon Echo Dot

Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES

Greatest IT Solutions TOP 10 Gadgets Of 2017

The Japanese company Nintendo is specialized in producing modern reeditions of classic game consoles. That was happen with NES Mini to be reedited in 16 bits generation. SNES Mini is greatly sold. You can download the old games from the past and play them again. There are many links in the internet to learn how it works.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Greatest IT Solutions TOP 10 Gadgets Of 20176

Samsung is also at a high position. The year wasn’t easy for this company. Nevertheless, the new and popular smartphone models come to see the world. Galaxy S8 has become the best gadget ever. The display gives the picture of high quality. The elegant design draws the eyes.

DJI Spark

The small opticopter Spark from the world popular DJI is no more than a palm of the hand. DJI engineers made this gadget maximal friendly and easy to use. It doesn’t need remote control point-to-point navigation. Just tap the button on the gadget body twice and it flies up immediately. You can control the flight with not only the original apps but with your hands movements. Just put the hand up and the gadget flies up, put the hand down and it goes down. The ease of operation makes DJI Spark one of the best gadgets of 2017.

DJI Spark mit Powerbank laden

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Greatest IT Solutions TOP 10 Gadgets Of 2017

Look at the Microsoft laptop. This is a new great opening for many people. Microsoft cannot but surprises you with its soft development (Windows 10 is the brightest example), but gadgets. The ultra-book works on Windows 10 S that is enough to work comfortable with different original applications. The laptop boasts the long run time, data security and high quality materials. All these and many other features make this gadget one of the most attractive on the market.

Apple iPhone X

The leading position is help by the most expensive smartphone from Apple – it is all about iPhone X. It is stylish with no frames and limitations. It is the most desirable purchase for millions of people all over the world. You can see the long lines before at the shops here and there. Everyone wants to have a smartphone! It is also said that the gadget have technical problems like slow reaction on cold temperature or pitting of contacts and OLED-display. People never mind about all these difficulties to give their money to Apple store. That’s why iPhone X needs special attention.

iPhone X - Apple Logo and Camera

Nintendo Switch

Greatest IT Solutions TOP 10 Gadgets Of 2017

The top leader of all popular gadgets surprisingly became the game console Nintendo Switch. You can also find the description of it in the internet. You can play videogames like on the TV at home as on the go, in the bus, car or on the board of the plane. Japanese creators from Nintendo all together with NVIDIA have made the most powerful gadget that is able to start such games as Doom, Skyrim and even the latest Wolfenstein without problems. You can also add something like new Zelda or Mario Odyssey to understand that Nintendo is seriously disposed to be the leader of game industry.

The demand for Switch exceeds supply. Japanese try to ramp up production to have enough gadgets for sale. Nintendo Switch is better sold than Sony and Microsoft consoles. It’s hardly believed that nobody predicted the great success to this Japanese project. The Times Magazine named Nintendo Switch the top IT solution in 2017. The year is coming to finish. So, what is the list of IT leaders for the next year? Have you any suggestions?