6 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Eating

6 Things You Shouldn't Do After Eating

A good digestion is very important to have iron health. After a full meal, I naturally feel sleepy.  Many people feel the need to take time in different ways, and some habits can lead to serious health problems. Doctors recommend that you avoid some activities right after you eat, Here are the things we shouldn’t do after having a meal.

No Fruits after Lunch

Fruits are good for your health, many doctors recommended. But dieticians suggested that it can be harmful after a meal, you need to wait for 20 minutes.

Do not Shower

Many people choose to shower just after  having a meal. When you shower, the body temperature changes and the body tend to send a larger amount of blood to the tissues. This hinders digestion and can cause problems in the metabolism. Moreover,  If you go to the sea or the pool, avoid swimming right after you’ve eaten. It would be better to give the body a 30-minute respite, and only then do these activities.

Do not Consume Tea

Tea is not a good choice right after the meal. tea affect iron levels in your body, which can cause health problems. Instead, you can consume a cup of coffee or a glass of water, but not immediately after you have finished eating.

It is not Good to Sleep

People have a habit of sleeping just after they finish their dinner or lunch, believing that this helps the food digest better. This custom favors the accumulation of extra pounds, causing stomach burns and increased acidity. Experts recommend rest after 2 hours after the last meal.

Do not Exercise

Physical exercise immediately after the meal can do more harm than good. There may be digestive problems, nausea, and a total discomfort. However, an easy ride is recommended, and exercise only 2 hours after a meal.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking after the meal causes nicotine to be absorbed in the double amount in the body, also causes a brief rise in metabolism, with the most harmful effects. Furthermore, it prevents the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body. If you want to smoke, wait for 20 minutes from the time you have finished eating.