Tips To Stay Creative On A Daily Basis

Tips To Stay Creative On A Daily Basis

Creativity can be as elusive as it is rewarding. We believe that creativity is everywhere and knows no limit. It is at the heart of current issues, both for agencies and for brands.  With increasingly tight budgets and as advertisers become increasingly cautious about the economy. Being creative in sometimes that is more complicated. Here are the tips for developing your creativity.

Take Time

If you want to be creative,  you need to focus or set clear goals. It’s wrong. The best way to run your brain at full speed. Personally. In short, take the time to do nothing and not plan your time on certain times of the week. Doing nothing makes you much more likely to hang out, imagine things, rethink situations and that’s where you’ll find a strong element that can service for a creative idea for your job.

Forget the lists

Making lists is totally counterproductive when we talk about creativity. You must have a lot of free time and performance constraints to be truly creative. To say to you “I must absolutely find an idea on this subject, another subject and this before Monday” is harmful for the inspiration. So forget the schedule.

 Stop putting pressure on yourself

It’s totally useless to put yourself under pressure. Doing so puts you in a position that does not favor the emergence of your ideas at all. Take a little height and detach yourself from too oppressive realities.

 Stay open

Never underestimate a simple discussion with a colleague or a pleasant exchange. Do not see dialogue only as a motivated act leading to something. The discussion can be an end in itself and bring you a lot. So stay open because it is your friends or loved ones who can inspire you with an idea.

 Play with the words

A good exercise that can be a little more creative is to go see the synonyms of a word. Familiar or sustained language, seeing different versions of a word can lead you to find concepts, word games or relevant baselines.

 Make the effort to read

Reading has this sometimes inexplicable ability to transport us, to make us travel beyond informing us. Epic, tragic, parodic or even lyrical, do not put anything aside! In a world where everything is speeding up, you have to be able to land and immerse yourself in a story, real or fictional. This is where you will make the difference because connections, often unconscious, will be made when you work on a creative brief.

Prevent negative thoughts

Do not tell yourself, “I’m bad at drawing” or “I’m not creative anyway…”. No! Everyone has something at the bottom of creative. If you are not good at prospects, in light and details, how important? As long as you enjoy drawing, painting, cutting. So do! I say do because many say in their head what they should do, but do not do it… so stop talking and do it!

 Believe in yourself

 Real data can lead to a relevant advertising creative. This is false… While the data allows to know more about the users and their practices online, but the data will never bring anything creative. Only a human spirit can be ironic, confronted, go against global thinking, encourage distrust and come up with a profoundly good idea. So do not tell yourself that your ideas are bad. Believe in them.

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