Mumbai: Exploring The Best Of The Best In The City

Mumbai: Exploring The Best Of The Best In The City

Mumbai- the city of many hoping hearts and eyes full of dreams! Apart from the fact that thousands of people relocate to Mumbai every year for such of better job prospects from around the country, Mumbai itself is a famous tourist destination. There are various places to see and enjoy when in Mumbai, which has both a telling past and not to mention a dynamic present.

Mumbai is a city that is best discovered when roaming on the streets and living here. However, if you are dropping by for a short time here, then there are a few places that you can visit for a nice time and to get know this city better. Come let’s take a look at the most interesting places that Mumbai can offer its tourists:

  1. Gateway of India: Head out to the Colaba region to experience this wonder with your own eyes. This is one of the finest and most crowd pulling locations of Mumbai, where tourists and locals both flock to almost on a regular basis. Film and photo shoots are also often held here for its natural beauty and old Mumbai charm which is hard to miss once you visit this place. This is one of the first places that you ought to visit on reaching Mumbai.
  2. Marine Drive: Book a cab or rent a car and take long drive on the famous Marine Drive of Mumbai. Let the cab go at some point and walk along the Arabian Sea with the waves lashing at the rocks. This is one of the most beautiful places in the city where you can enjoy a leisurely time all by yourself or with a pleasant company. Quiet yet crowded, Mumbai’s Marine drive is a wonder in itself.
  3. The Haji Ali Mosque: You cannot leave Mumbai without visiting the Haji Ali Mosque which was built by a Sufi Saint. You will be able to see this mosque from the Marine Drive itself since it is located smack in the Arabian Sea. There is a long road on the sea leading up to the mosque. It is famed to be one of the most auspicious and meditative places in the country.
  4. BandraKurla Complex: Mumbai is developing everyday in leaps and bounds and if you are staying in any one the hotels near bandra kurla complex, then you should definitely visit the BandraKurla Complex since this is a piece of modern day architectural brilliance which needs to be appreciated and admired.
  5. Elephanta Caves: Take a ferry from Gateway of India and travel to the Elephanta Caves. You will find numerous rock cut carvings and paintings in the Elephanta caves that will take you back to the days of rock painting. It is a very popular tourist destination and if history is what interests you then a visit to this series of caves is a must for all!

Apart from these Mumbai harbours many pleasant and local treasures that is best explored on your own!

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