Know What Drugs You Are Taking Inside Your Body

Know What Drugs You Are Taking Inside Your Body

Knowing what the steroid does in the body as is important to overall safety in regard to use of such products. There are many ways to have this to your body. There are many forms like injection, lotion, cream, gel, and sprays. In addition to the different types of steroids you’ll find a variety of brands or manufacturers. It is very important that you know every drug information before taking them in. Some of the men taking in different testosterone types may be dependent to it.

Many body builders that are dedicated tend to depend on the use of steroids or supplements. Mostly considered as impatient because they cannot wait for the right time for the muscles to show, sometimes because people tend to compete in performance. The use of these products for other than to enhance athletic performance or strength is not approved or recommended by health care providers.

Facts About Testosterone

  • Testosterone regulates a number of processes in the male body.
  • Testosterone supplements are prescribed only for specified conditions, and not to counteract the natural, age-related drop in testosterone levels.
  • Levels of testosterone tend to drop as men age.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is also available. However, this can carry side effects and risks.
  • Prohormone supplements do not have any effect on testosterone levels.

Testosterone Levels

These hormones naturally decrease as men age. After the age of 40, the concentration of circulating testosterone lowers by 1% every year for most men. But by the age of 60 the low levels of testosterone would lead to a diagnosis of hypogonadism in younger men. Low testosterone has been associated with increased mortality in male veterans. Late hypogonadism has become a recognized medical condition, although many of the symptoms are associated with normal aging.


One proposed treatment for low testosterone comes in the form of testosterone supplements. One study investigated the effects of testosterone supplementation in older men with low testosterone at 80 milligrams (mg) a day. The study focuses at the potential effects on:

  • Functional mobility
  • Cognition
  • Bone mineral density
  • Body composition
  • Lipids
  • Quality of life

Prohormone and Heart Disease

Prohormones are a variety of steroid. They are often used to support weight loss and muscle-building. Researches indicate that these prohormone supplements affect testosterone levels. These levels may lead to health problems. This supplement can increase testosterone but boost estrogen. This can cause an imbalance in blood cholesterol, hence decreasing the levels of good cholesterol.

Testosterone levels are important to maintain, but they naturally decrease over time. If symptoms of severe or chronic low testosterone are showing, the hormone deficiency may be caused by an active disease or condition. Treatments are also available. On the other side, this can lead to unwanted side effects, so it can be crucial to balance the expected benefits of testosterone supplementation with the risk of the treatment.  Speak to your doctor or any medical professional and ask and confirm if medical treatment is required.