Indian Food Items That Are Also Popular Abroad

Indian Food Items That Are Also Popular Abroad

Indian food is delicious, aromatic, and flavourful and looks amazing. And that is probably the reason why they are not just popular inside India but also outside of it. Are we serious? Yes, we are! Indian cuisine has a name abroad, and the kind of reputation it has earned is definitely worth applause. If you want to know what our western counterparts love about Indian food, then the simple answer would be ‘everything.’ And if you ask us to pinpoint the most popular items, we have this list for you. Just check out-

  • Chutneys– Yes, you heard right, chutneys are unbelievably popular in western countries. And people outside, who love chutneys, don’t even mind that they are a little hot and spicy. Starting from mint to tamarind chutney, almost every variety is popular abroad.
  • Samosa– Now, what to say about this famous snack item from the land of India? It has also found a slot in oxford dictionary. Now, does this need to be told that its popularity has transcended national boundaries? Well, this uniquely shaped snack with potato stuffing is a world favourite.
  • Dosa– This South Indian breakfast item is more popular on the global platform than you can imagine. Its subtle taste and pleasant aromacan make anyone feel hungry. And because it’s a less oily food item, it’s also considered healthy.
  • Rasam– Just like dosa, rasam is also an amazing south Indian dish that has its own fan base at home as well as abroad. It is basically cooked in a tamarind sauce base. If you like rasam and want to cook it, you will be happy to know there is no dearth of recipes online. Whether you are looking for a recipe of rasam in tamil,English, Hindi, or any other language, you can easily find it in culinary magazines and books.
  • Kheer-Kheer is a dessert that we all Indians immensely love. Starting from its aroma to creamy taste, everything appeals to the senses. But did you know Kheer is also extremely popular among non-Indians. Yes, it is one of those dishes non-Indians know about and love.
  • Curries– Curries are extremely popular in India as well as outside it. If you ask a foreigner about which item of Indian cuisine they know about, it’s likely that they will say curries. Curries are prepared in different parts of the world. But the taste, aroma and colour of the curries Indians prepare, definitely set a benchmark.
  • Rotis, paranthas and naans– Yes, all these together known as Indian flatbreads, are also extremely popular in western counties.

Aren’t these some of the most amazing items we Indians love? Well, yes! But they are equally popular outside. So, if you are planning to visit some foreign country sometime soon, don’t forget to ask the people you interact with about which food items of India they are aware of. Chances are, they will name all or a few of the entries in the list above.

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