Candolim Beach: The Ultimate Beach For Every Beach Lover

Candolim Beach: The Ultimate Beach For Every Beach Lover

Among the leading beaches of the Goa state, the name of Candolim is also on the top of the list. Though the state has many beaches and there is nothing much different from the majority of them, the Candolim beach differs. It can offer a picturesque view of the Arabian Sea to the beach lover and peace of mind to those who love nature. Hence those who just want to get away from crowded beaches this one can help them relax and enjoy the time.

A census town in North Goa, Candolim is located in the Barde taluka in the state of Goa, India. A popular tourist destination it is situated south of the Calangute beach and town. This was the first village in the sixteenth century that was completely converted to Christianity.

Candolim Beach: The Ultimate Beach For Every Beach Lover

With a small population of 8500, the town has an average literacy rate of 76%. The beach is situated fifteen kilometers south of the capital city of Panjim. This beach stands out as one of the longest beaches in Goa wherein it starts from Aguada, merging with Calangute and ends at Candolim. This beach hosts a different kind of tourists owing to is calm and peaceful ambiance. Sometimes people from the Rajneesh ashram, Pune, visit this beach in order to seek a break and calm. The beach is replete with scrub-covered dunes at the back which adds to the beauty of the sand and sea.  The beach hosts a couple of water activities unlike the other beaches in Goa and is rather rid of the commercial aspect. The town, however, is full of shops and other commercial institutions.

Even though this beach is next only to the rather populated Calangute beach this town and beach is way more spread out and de-clustered. This own spreads out that it does not have a particular center to it. However, this beach is the ideal space for nature lovers who might visit the beach, not for any extravaganza but purely to let loose some tanning and sunbathing. An interesting feature of the Candolim beach is the Ship River princess. This ship has been stationed at the shores of the beach for over a decade now, from the year 2000. One would fail to find any resort around this beach and therefore no partaking of capitalized activities. It rather has inns at reasonable prices for the ones with a smaller budget.

Apart from all of this, fishing is a popular activity at this beach. Lesser human activities around this beach have facilitated flora and fauna to flourish. Beside that meditation, yoga and spa have also gained popularity in these areas. As says the beach is also famous for authentic Goan styled cuisine and varied seafood dishes. Native styled garments and casual garments along with handicraft items are also available in abundance at Candolim Beach.

Last but not the least this beach hosts the internationally famous Sunburn festival which is an electronic dance festival held for three days every year. One can enjoy pure revelry and entertainment while grooving and listening to their favorite bands and solo artists, also featuring certain indigenous artists from all over the world.

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