3 Hands-On Careers To Establish Yourself In The Workforce

3 Hands-On Careers To Establish Yourself In The Workforce

A hands-on career can offer many benefits within your local city and surrounding metropolitan areas. The advantage of effortless word-of-mouth advertising can save you money and time in terms of targeting prospective customers. Depending on your level of expertise and field of service you can acquire residential and commercial customers. If your service field is high in demand, you can expect to grow your customer base and revenue at a consistent rate. Here’s an overview of three careers that can help you become a reputable service provider through an employer or as an independent contractor.

3 Hands-On Careers To Establish Yourself In The Workforce

Garage Door Specialist

Garage door maintenance is essential to the upkeep of residential and commercial properties. These types of doors also contribute to the security of property owner assets. However, the primary security contributors of these storage buildings are garage door specialists. As a garage door specialist, like those at AAA Garage Door, Inc., you would be responsible for the installation, maintenance, and upgrading of garages. You would also be responsible for acquiring knowledge about high grade locks, garage parts, and power tools to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your work. The salary range for this position is between $24,843 – $51,855.00.

Landscape Architect

This role is unique in terms of creative development. Landscape architects are influential in designing the layout of lawns, gardens, parks, and other public grounds. You can establish yourself as an expert when it comes to helping contract landscapers maintain the blueprints of your horticultural designs. This career requires a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and a state license which includes the Landscape Architect Registration Exam. The salary range for this position is $70,604 – $97,603.00.


Electricians are the controllers behind power sources in terms of maintenance. Although electricity is the fuel by which technical systems operate, electricians must be skillful in connecting electrical lines, circuits, and transformers. This is a great career opportunity for people who are hands-on and may not like working in a traditional office environment. You can work for city lighting departments, corporations, or establish your own electrical repair company. The salary range for this position is $29,973 – $83,360.00.

One of the best things about having a hands-on career is the ability to use your skills interchangeably if you lose your job. You can also employ and train others to expand your brand. Although these occupations require training and licensing, the forecast for return on your educational investment is very positive. Consider the three careers above, as well as others you may find in your own research, when looking at future career options.