TOP 7 Lisbon Districts That Are Mostly Comfortable For Tourists

TOP 7 Lisbon Districts That Are Mostly Comfortable For Tourists

If you like travelling, you should be careful to travel from the city to city to find the best place to live. What city region is good to live in? Everyone wants to have restaurants, city attractions, transport near at hand. What is more? Of course, you want to have a beautiful view from your window and quiet region. What about prices? Oh, you don’t want to overpay. Lisbon is a city that consists of many regions. Which of them are the best? Ok, cheap, quiet and near at hand are relative values. What does it mean for you? Let’s meet TOP 7 city regions that are best-visited.


Fado Museum, Pantheon, Casa dos Bicos make the picturesque old district of Lisbon. The narrow streets, numerous ladders, restaurants – this is the district where touristic apartments are side by side with the flats and houses of locals. Alfama is interesting with its Moddle Aged street planning: the flats and apartments are small, there is no transport, there is no space even for taxi. From the other hand, this district is very comfortable for walking. The streets are noisy at night, especially in the holidays. You can rent the car in Lisbon airport and learn about the nearest parking with your hotel. It can be 15 minutes walking from your apartments.



Roman Theatre, Igreja de Santo Antonio – the district is situated over the castle hill. So, the view that you can see from the window of your apartments is marvelous. There are many buildings here under the restoration. If the building you live is not restored yet, the apartments must be small. There is no public transport here, but you can call for taxi. Of course, you may use the tram 24 that goes from the bottom of the hill. It is overcrowded with tourists in summer. The district is very colorful but it is not the best place for families with little babies and baby carriages. Be ready to meet lots of tourists under your windows.

Graca and Sao Vicente

There is Graca district in the Eastern part of Lisbon. You can see the amazing city views from the terraces. There are no many hotels, but lots of apartments with the amazing view to the nearest tile roofs. This is the old industrial district of the city. There were factories and villas for working people. Today, this is a pleasant place with the commercial buildings and cafes on the first floor. Speaking about transport, there are trams, buses. There is also a beautiful quiet garden – Cerca da Graca with the playground.



This is the third oldest Lisbon region. The district is divided into several parts – upper that is comfortable to live and lower. This is one of the most colorful Lisbon districts. The upper district boasts the Castelo de Sao Jorge and Sao Cristovao. The lower part is located close to the Square of Martim Moniz. The streets are full of immigrants from the different countries: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal. The air is full of aromatic spices. The window signs are written in different languages. There is no problem to find a supermarket here. You can find a hotel here. It must be also old and colorful. This is a good place to start your excursion.


You can see one of the most beautiful squares Largo do Intendente Pina Manique, where the new hotel was opened. The hotel is situated in the beautiful building dated of 1908 in modern style. There are many cozy cafes and one of the most popular city restaurants Cervejaria Ramiro. Of course, it was time when the city district was the place for the easy girls for one night. The most of the joy houses were rebuilt to be the hostels and rooms for rent. The district is full of different restaurants, supermarkets. There is also a metro connection, 25 minutes to the Rossio Square station.

Tram and streets of Lisbon


This district is comfortably situated. This is the heart of the historic center. The district is situated in the lowland to go far to the Tejo River. From the other side it is circled with the Rossio and Figueira Squares. It was time when the streets seemed to be very broad. Today, the streets seem to be narrow because they are full of restaurants and hotels. This is the district where you can start your travelling on foot or by transport, no matter. There is one minus – streets merchants. The streets of Baisha are full of street merchants that offer to buy different strange things and substances. They always run away from police.

Be careful, just never mind and never buy! These street traders are mostly concentrated in Rua Augusta, so-called Lisbon central street. This is the walking zone with no transport. The street is worth visiting to see the Fashion and Design Museum, shops with the amazing window sills, free Museum of Commerce.

Streets of Lisbon

Avenida da Liberdade

This is the broadest street in Lisbon. It was built on the base of the unique project of the Champs-Elysees. The trees make the pleasant shadow in the hot weather. Look! There is a marvelous stony macrame under your feet. This is the most expensive street in the city. You can find a lot of fashion boutiques and design stores to buy brand clothes. The variety of hotels is impressive. You can find everything for your budget: 2-5 stars hotels. This is the best place to spend time with kids.

The city district is easy to get to and from. You may use your own transport or metro. There are few close metro stations and the biggest shopping mall El Corte Ingles is near at hand. Look, here is the Rossio railway station and historical city center. Looking for the place to have dinner, go to the nearest streets, where the locals used to go for dinner. This is the noisy street with the colorful quiet terraces. Going far from here, you can see old fashioned houses. This is the place, where the city history was started many years ago.