Ride With The Tide: Tips To Know Before Cruising For The First Time

Ride With The Tide: Tips To Know Before Cruising For The First Time

To cruise with the waves is just another skill that brave and audacious people want to lay their talented hands on. Viewing the horizon at a distance and feeling the breeze of wind blowing while cruising through the water is precisely a rewarding hobby for the adventurous souls as sailing on the sea will provide you with a mindful exercise and a calm environment to relieve your stress.

Similar to every other practice, there are factors that you should learn before you proceed on your voyage. The following are the key points to guarantee you a remarkable and extraordinary experience.

Study and Familiarise

If you are sailing for the first time, it is better to choose a calm and a peaceful water current to learn and incorporate the fundamentals of cruising. Before rushing, always check the weather update first to be safe.

Each destination target has its drawbacks and as well as an established attraction that will affect your experience in sailing.

Determine Which Yacht or Boat You Want to Use

When sailing for the first time, it is recommended to ask and gather information about which yacht charter is best for your trip. Whether it is a bareboat, skippered yacht, etc. But keep in mind that the most important thing you need to think about is for you to have the best fun available.

Wear the Right Footwear for Better Traction

Boats can get unstable and slippery so it should not come as a surprise for everyone. The right footwear is an essential gear that you need to bring onboard. Wearing street shoes are the worst solution, and flip-flops are also no help at all.

To best prevent injuries, sandals that cover your toes and shoes with rubber soles are perfect. Also, keep in mind to refrain from wearing black-bottom shoes for it can mark the floor of the boat.

Strategies Your Menu On Your Trip

Bringing food is a must, whether you are proposing to sail on the sea for a day or a week. Some considerations should be implemented such as how many people will be on board all in all and or if anyone within the group have food allergies.

Your excitement might influence you to enhance you to sail with exotic experiences with food, but it is always better to be practical.

Bring a Compass, Map, and a GPS

A GPS is the best tool for navigation for you to have which comes installed nowadays on our smartphones. However, considering the chance of having a terrible signal or technical difficulty, a map and a compass always come in handy as an alternative.

Don’t forget the First-aid Kit

Band-aids, tape, antibiotics, pain relievers are necessary for every first aid kit but should come to your mind to add few additional to your health kit. Prepare for injuries such as dislocated or fractured bones, burns and or sickness.

Adventure and outdoor stores will usually bring ready-made health kits for sailors, which would benefit you to save you some money and time to make an aid kit. In any case, it is best you prepare yourself with the unpredictable needs of everyone on board to keep the sail cruising smoothly.

Bring Waterproof Bag for Your Personal Items

Voyaging in international waters is not always smooth and calm. You will ride the waves, and some waves splash you back. To make sure your stuff won’t get wet, it is a must to bring a waterproof bag with you.

Items that should not get wet such as a camera or non-waterproof phones should be kept safe in a waterproof backpack, especially if you want to take pictures for documentation or photo album memories.

Bring Sunglasses, SPF Creams, and Bathing Suits

A whole day of sailing on the water defines plenty of exposure to the sun and sea, so brace yourself to get wet and acquaint with the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Sunscreen creams, sunglasses, and protective clothing should be thought out. In case you have the chance to hop in the water, then it is best to prepare a bathing suit.

Bring Life Jackets

In case of terrible weather, life jackets will always come in handy especially to people onboard who do not know how to swim, jacket save lives.

Recognise Your Role On the Sail

In the end, sailing is work, but it will cruise smoothly if every crew know their roles on board. Whether you are on a boat to learn how to navigate or to indulge yourself in enjoyment, it is better to know your character and where to position your presence when sailing on the sea to be prepared when something unexpected happens.


It is an overwhelming feeling to cruise on water, embracing the clean winds and seeing magnificent landmarks while enjoying this particular moment of your life. However, it is better to come prepared in sailing to prevent avoidable outcomes. Overall, sailing is fun and an activity everyone must experience.