How To Safely Use Sharps Outside Medical Facilities

How To Safely Use Sharps Outside Medical Facilities

Sharps are actually the medical terms for objects with sharp edges or points that can rip, cut or puncture the skin. They may be used while travelling, at home or at work for managing the medical conditions of people or their pets. These conditions may include anything like arthritis, allergies, diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS, migraine, hepatitis, infertility or multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, blood clotting disorders as well as osteoporosis.

By the term “sharps” usually the following are included:

  • Syringes –These are used to introduce medication and extract fluids from the body
  • Needles –These are hollow needles that are utilised to incorporate medications into the body or under the skin
  • Lancets – These are also said to be the finger stick tools. These are instruments with a two-edged, short blade that are used to get blood drops for examining. Mainly the treatment of diabetes requires this to be used.
  • Auto Injectors – This mainly includes insulin pens and epinephrine. The syringes are actually pre-filled with liquid drugs that are designed in a way so that one can self-inject it into the body.
  • Connection Needles or Sets –These are those that are connected to the tube for transferring the fluids in and out of the body. Generally the patients with home haemodialysis require this for their treatment.
  • Infusion Sets –These are nothing but systems of tubing with a needle to deliver medications inside the body.

Significance of Disposing of Sharps Carefully

The needles that are already used pose potential threats to both people as well as the pets if they are not done away with or disposed of in the right way. This is because they can spread infection and can injure people that cause serious health conditions. The most common infections are:

  • Hepatitis B (HBV)
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  • Hepatitis C (HCV)

It is absolutely vital that the sharps are disposed of in the right way whether you are at work, at home, travelling, at school or in other public places like parks, hotels and restaurants. You should not throw away loose needles and other sharps other than in the sharp disposal container like in the public or household trash cans or recycle bins. You should also take care not to flush them off down the toilet. This is because this act of yours can pose threats to janitors, sewage workers, household members and workers as well as children.

The pet owners should also follow the same steps for their pets like those followed for the humans. Go through the sharp disposal guideline well in order to stick to the right practice.

What to Do When You Are Accidentally Stuck Up by the Same Needle or Sharp

In case you are accidentally pinched by the used needle of another person then you should take up some steps like the following:

  • Try to wash away the area with soap and water or use a skin disinfectant (antiseptic) like rubbing hand sanitizer or alcohol
  • Seek medical help immediately and rush to a hospital

You should follow these guidelines if any kind of bodily fluids get into your mouth, nose or eyes or even your skin. Just like it is essential to purchase from a reputed store of medical equipment online in India for quality products, similarly, following these guidelines are also vital for the safety of your loved ones.