How To Choose The Best Courier Service For Your Business

How To Choose The Best Courier Service For Your Business

It is important to find the right type of courier service for your business, you’ll need a company who understands your industry and can provide you with exceptional service. Hiring a courier company is almost like going into business with a partner, you’ll depend on them for a number of important services which could make or break your company.

How To Choose The Best Courier Service For Your Business

Here are some questions to ask potential courier companies before you decide to work with them.

What kind of services do you offer?

Before choosing a courier company inquiry about the kind of service they offer, highly professional companies usually provide two main services, these are:

  • Standard Delivery – This is generally a same day delivery service which guarantees your goods are delivered the same day they are collected. This is important for any business who rely on courier companies to take care of transport logistics.
  • Express – This option is usually reserved for urgent deliveries, if a client requires an item to be sent to their premises immediately, you should be able to contact your local courier service and use their express delivery to ensure the item goes straight to your customer. Most reputable couriers will guarantee the packages is picked up in less than 3 hours and sent direct to your chosen destination.
  • Absolute Priority – Some Perth freight companies offer an additional express service which ensures that your goods are collected within an hour and immediately sent wherever you indicate. This is an exclusive service any company can avail of, it guarantees urgent packages will be collected within an hour and sent direct to their destination.

What types of packages do you deliver?

If your company primarily posts heavy, bulky packages, then it is best to find a courier service who specialize in heavy freight transport. If you send large quantities of heavy goods, you’ll need a courier company who can handle substantial consignments and have the right type of equipment to deal with heavy packages. Try to find a company who can handle all sorts of packages and not only one in particular, you’ll never know when you’ll need a service contrary to what you usually use.

What are your opening hours?

Everyone knows that the market never sleeps and businesses don’t just operate from 9 to 5 anymore, most deal with both domestic and international companies who often work on various time zones. So, you’ll need a business who can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you provide proof of delivery?

When you contact any courier company, make sure they provide proof of delivery. Your business may be transporting valuable goods so you’ll need to get assurances that the items have reached their destination. If they don’t offer this, it is best to search for another service.

When choosing a courier service, make sure you select one that meets your requirements and understands your responsibilities. Aim to hire a competent, professional organisation who will help your business to flourish and won’t create any additional issues. It is important to have all your transport logistics handled by a single entity.