Helpful Ways To Screen Candidates

A company’s progress depends mainly on its employees. Hiring costs a pretty penny; hiring mistakes cost even more. So, it’s important to completely evaluate a candidate’s capabilities before giving them the job. For this purpose, many pre-employment tests are used to screen the job applicants. These tests include testing knowledge, work skills, emotional intelligence, cognitive abilities and even integrity.

These tests are designed by some of the known personalities of the field, and they have provided with some of the questions that can help one know all the traits that cannot be known by any other mediums. The skills such as presentation in a way that can draw the attention of the viewers, the crunchy words and titles are important. One also needs to have the skill of demonstration that can help him to fetch the orders from the open market.

These are some areas that can be understood by the recruiter with the help of some tests in this area which can rate the candidate and make his skills visible in terms of some figures.

  • Why are they used?

Pre-employment tests help the companies to identify the most suited candidate for the job. These tests benefit the companies by saving cost and time in the selection process, improving morale and decreasing turnover. Many companies don’t hire a candidate if the found deficit in the basic skill by the test.

  • Types of pre-employment tests

Employment tests help in assessing the candidate’s capabilities; what they can do, or how efficiently they can perform tasks of the job. The tests help the employers to select the candidate without any bias.

  • Personality test

Personality tests predict a person’s traits and assess if the person is fit for the job. This test is generally conducted to reveal any attempt at dishonesty. The main goal of this test is to select the best candidate for the job, and pre-employment tests for hiring marketing professionals provides employers information about the competencies of the applicants.

  • Talent Assessment Test

Talent assessment test checks the person for some special skill or ability. This can be evaluated by the candidate’s previous job record. Like the digital marketing skillsassessment test evaluates the know-how of the candidate in the marketing field.

  • Cognitive Tests

Cognitive tests measure memory, reasoning, perpetual speed, skills in arithmetic and accuracy as well as reading skills of a candidate. This test basically evaluates the “intelligence “of a person.

  • Emotional Intelligence Testing

Strong emotional intelligence is a prerequisite for any job. The emotional assessment test checks the ability of a person to understand his own emotions and the emotions of the other persons, how well he can interact with the public and handles frustrations and disappointments.

  • Pre-Employment Physical Exams

The physical assessment test is required for the jobs that are potentially dangerous and physically demanding. By this test, the employers get the information, how fit the candidate is for the job.

  • Test for Physical Ability

Physical ability test is devised to gauge the physical ability of the candidate to perform a particular task and to measure the stamina and strength in general.