Best Solutions For The Laser Marking On Cutting Tool Industry

Best Solutions For The Laser Marking On Cutting Tool Industry

Inserts, milling cutters, tips, blades, taps, countersink tools, and all kinds of cutting tools that can be marked with the laser to create logos, texts, datamatrix features, and QR Codes in order to identify the manufacturer and specific features of the tool.

Laser marking for Cutting Tool Industry is being used more and more to personalize cutting tools (for example, tips and milling cutters) with logos, texts, and datamatrix features. This serves the dual purpose of highlighting the manufacturer’s name and clearly showing the technical features of the tool.

The flexibility and ease of use typical of marking systems make it the best tool for mass production as well as for producing a small number of pieces.

Laser marking is also perfect for wood milling cutters because it ensures deep, long-lasting engraving combined with excellent aesthetic qualities for logos and characters, which is not always possible with standard mechanical engraving.

Finally, one of the advantages of this process is that it is economical. Preliminary cleaning followed by lubrication are no longer necessary because it is possible to engrave directly on lubricated parts. In fact, laser marking reduces the number of phases in production and increases efficiency and, above all, productivity.

We create custom templates for our clients that are useful in automatically marking tools in all shapes and sizes. Every template is tested by our technicians inside the marking machines during the building process in order to obtain the best solution for loading/unloading the pieces to be marked.

Laser marking processes can be carried out on tools with flat or curved surfaces and on irregular and unusual surfaces as well. LASIT offers laser marking systems for easy, immediate marking of helical and centering tips as well as micro-tips of every size in HSS (hard metal). The characters are perfectly marked on the surface and the contrast is excellent, offering perfect traceability and identification.