Bangalore As The Go-to Destination!

Bangalore As The Go-to Destination!

Bangalore is a city which is alive with many happening events all through the year. it is the commercial hub to go to in all of south India. It has a modern touch to its traditional roots.  With various places to site sees, several pubs to unwind and let loose, it caters to all kinds of people and their needs. The energy you see in this city is always at a high point and the culture is diverse. The localities are always kind hosts to anybody who would like to experience the taste of Bangalore.

So, if there is a vacation that needs to be planned, Bangalore is your go-to place. If you are already eager to pack your bags, here are a few things that you just cannot miss in Bangalore.

  1. Pub Hopping.

If you are Bangalore for a short weekend or a long one, this should be in one of your top priorities. There are numerous pubs in almost every area in Bangalore that offer a very good ambience,  happy hours throughout the day and a good time. In many areas such as Indiranagar and Mg Road, the pubs are situated so close to each other that you can pub hop all through the night.

  1. Binge eating.

Food comes in all shapes and sizes in Bangalore. You can experience a wide range of cuisines from different eat streets present in places like Basavangudi, Jayanagar or Malleshwaram, or you can try restaurants or hotels in Madiwala, Koramngala orIndiranagar for a more sophisticated experience. All in all, your taste buds will have the best experience in Namma Bengaluru.

  1. Late night rides.

One of the most fun things to do when in Bangalore is to go on late night rides, especially on bikes. There are many cafes open late at night or even 24*7 which offer delicious food and place to sit and let loose. You can visit places like Kolar, Rasta cafe, cafes near Nandi hills, etc. You can rent bikes from various places and plan a late night outing without the fear of safety.

  1. Dj nights/ Karaoke nights.

Bangalore might not be the number one city for its night life, but the clubs here are like no other.  Events such as ladies night, karaoke night, live music performance happen all through the week. Weekends have special offers and themed parties that one simply cannot miss. The dance floors make you want to groove to the latest beats and one simply cannot miss to lose out on such an enthusiastic crowd.

  1. Carnivals.

Open mic nights, plays, street shopping, and other kinds of carnivals are constantly set up in Bangalore all through the year. The city is host for various kinds of local, national and international events. These carnivals encourage standup comedy, spoken word poetry, dance performances, beat boxing etc. by providing a platform to perform as well as entertaining the audience.

Bangalore is a city which is diverse in its choices. So if you want to take a break from the normal routine of sightseeing, you have a number of other options to fall back on.