Activity Holidays In Portugal

Activity Holidays In Portugal

Portugal is a unique country, it doesn’t look like its closest neighbor, Spain. Trip to Portugal can become a surprise even for the most experienced travelers – the beach rest, excursions, family and active rest – everything is possible here, the main thing is to choose the right time and place for your trip. You are able to use car rental at Faro Airport and drive through the whole country for new experience and breathtaking views.

For those, who are fond of beach holidays, Portugal is a perfect country for the rest- there are beaches for every taste here. It cannot be otherwise in a country with the total length of 1800 km.

There are sandy, pebbly and stony beaches, some of which are having all the necessary equipment, more than half of them are Blue Flag awarded for cleanliness. There are wild scenic places here as well.

Due to the fact that Portugal is located on the Atlantic coast, it is also perfect for various types of outdoor activities. It is popular for surfing, windsurfing, kiting, diving, snorkeling, sailing and motorized boat trips, parachute jumping and paragliding. Thanks to a large stream of tourists, who want to learn how to surf, surfing schools started working with tour operators and hiring specialists, who speak different languages. Numerous diving schools conduct diving tours: boat trips with the possibility of disembarkation and exploration of remote underwater places. In addition to water sports, various active walking tours are popular: safaris, excursions to nature parks, hiking and horse routes, climbing volcanoes in the Azores. Golf is also very popular in this country. It is believed that Portugal is the best in the whole Europe in terms of the golf course’s price and quality ratio.

The high season in the tourism industry of Portugal is, of course, summer. In June, it is not too hot, but it is comfortable to swim. This month, the prices in the hotels are lower than in July that is why in June, there are many tourists in Portugal. In some places, such as Madeira, the swimming season lasts until the end of November, thanks to the warm winds brought from Africa. There are many bike routes, especially in Minho, which it would be pleasant to try in autumn.

In the continental part of Portugal, the weather is fine in winter. The air temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius. In addition, in winter, the spa resorts offer their services at reduced prices. The spring in Portugal begins early. In March, students of surfing schools, tourists from Europe and fans of excursion holidays are already beginning to come to the Riviera and the islands. In addition, this is the best time for hiking and for a relaxing holiday at spa resorts. Here is some more brief information about the types of Portugal active holiday.


Portugal is famous for its beaches with golden sand. Many of them are very popular among surfers, due to the huge waves and steady wind in the south of the country, in the Algarve region (in Lagos, along the protected zone in the south-west) and at the ‘Lisbon Riviera’. There are many surf clubs in Portugal and you can always try to stand on the board under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Equally popular are kite, wind and classic surfing.

The biggest waves are in the winter. On Madeira Island, various competitions are held at the highest level. In Portugal, it would be comfortable to surf both for the beginners and for the professionals. Waves on some beaches could reach several meters. The safest place to learn surfing and bodyboard is Porto da Cruz.


The southwestern margin of Europe in recent years has become a favorite reserved area for golfers of the Old World. Moreover, they are popular not only in winter, when most of the continental fields are covered with snow, but also in summer, when golfers come to Portugal to play on magnificent fields in comfortable weather. There are many fields in the country, almost nine dozen.

They are mainly located in two regions: around Lisbon and in the southern province of Algarve. The main thing that golfers appreciate here is the ratio of the price and quality of the services provided. This applies to the level of preparation of golf courses, to living conditions and a variety of Portuguese cuisine.


There are plenty of beautiful sceneries in Portugal, which could be viewed from a bird’s eye view. You can get an instruction, or fly with an instructor. In addition, the competitions in paragliding are held in Portugal. Soar under the clouds in the Serra da Estrela Mountains. Anyone, who has the courage to experience this feeling of free flight, could try it in a small Linhares da Beira mountain village in the heart of the Serra da Estrela mountain range. In summer and winter, this mountain village, also known as the “citadel of paragliding” in Portugal, makes an indelible impression with its granite houses and narrow streets. Begin your acquaintance with that area with a flight from the mountain peaks and admire the scenery of rare beauty, from which both paragliders and nature admirers feel astonished.


Clear waters with excellent visibility and moderate temperatures all year round are a real paradise for scuba diving fans. In coastal waters of Portugal there is a rich animal world, there are underwater caves, rocky reefs, and a large number of flooded vessels. There are diving schools all over the coast. You can take equipment in the diving clubs. Some of them organize night swimming and underwater video shooting.