6 Tips To Improve Surveillance and Security Using Drones

6 Tips To Improve Surveillance and Security Using Drones

In the recent past, drones have become one of the most used methods of surveillance to boosts security in various industries. Other methods of monitoring include camera observation, stakeouts, biometric, GPS tracking, and data mining and profiling surveillance. However, the stationary nature typically limits traditional observational surveillance methods as the camera is fixed on a tripod or handled manually. This makes aerial surveillance an ideal option as it is more efficient than other methods.

Unmanned aircraft helps in offering an ideal solution to the limitations and problems that are experienced while using other methods of surveillance. Surveillance drones provide easier, cheaper and faster inspection as well as other benefits in data collection. Moreover, the UAVs produce minimal noise, can access narrow and confined places and allow fitting of night vision cameras. The drones can also be equipped with thermal sensors, which together help them to provide quality imagery that cannot be detected by the human eye. Helicopters can also be used to offer the same results, but helicopters are very costly and produce a lot of noise as compared to drones, which do not even require much space.

6 Tips for Surveillance and Security Using Drones

Here are the six tips of using drones to boost your surveillance and security in different areas.

  1. Using Drones for Tactical Monitoring

Drones are currently being used in monitoring lines as well as in monitoring sites. Fixed-wing UAVs are ideal for coastal, border and high-way surveillance in-line monitoring. This can help in managing smuggling, wildlife traffic, and illegal border crossing. On the other hand, multi-rotors are mainly used in monitoring sites as they offer great maneuverability and can hover easily. Besides, surveillance drones are capable of providing live streaming of detailed data, track intruders or objects and quickly cover a larger area.

  1. Use of drone for Perimeter Response

Unmanned aircraft can collect imagery for rapid situational awareness and reconnaissance, which can be used to detect and track potential threats. Therefore, they can be used provide quick response with updates control stations while offering surveillance on the target parameters.

  1. Providing events security

Drones can now be used in managing critical areas of security in major events that include security infrastructure, safety planning, as well as crowd and spectator control. Besides, UAVs can help in the detailed visual information of the sites where the event is held to promote in security planning, risk management, and adequate analysis.

  1. Maritime defense

Drones are increasingly becoming useful in analyzing, tracking and monitoring pirate vessels movements. This enables security to determine dangerous areas, potential assault locations that help in dealing with piracy.

  1. Managing Traffic

Unmanned Aircrafts offers a more efficient way to collect data that provides detailed information on the usage and performance of road networks. The detailed description collected help in monitoring traffic to enhance road safety, performance and maintenance. This can offer a cheaper alternative to helicopters, which are used by some traffic organization for aerial surveillance.

  1. Anti-Poaching

With poachers adopting sophisticated strategies to accomplish their criminal act, the use of drones provides an efficient way of dealing with this global vice. Gamekeepers have managed to save wildlife, especially the endangered species from poachers by using drones to monitor their position.


In conclusion, Airborne Drones recommends quality equipment with optical and thermal sensors as an ideal solution for surveillance and security applications. The solution allows for adequate oversight, which helps in detecting potential threats using surveillance drones for security reasons.