5 Things That Attack Your Concentration Power Massively

5 Things That Attack Your Concentration Power Massively

A weak brainpower that is defined as loss of concentration. It is very difficult to concentrate properly in this world of information. There are certain things that affect your level of concentration. Interruption makes you lose focus and have problems when it comes to working. Here are the things that affect your level of concentration. It’s time to put on your productivity

  • Social Media

Try to avoid using social media platforms when you work. If you feel the need to check the pulse of social networks, try to do it during breaks. Check the Facebook messages and other social media channels notifications.

  • Emails

Do you think that when you receive an e-mail, should you respond immediately? Although many of the emails you receive may be related to work,  that could be killing your concentration. Progress will be slow if you stop the task/project. So plan your daily schedule and follow it daily, allocate some time to the responding emails.

  • Smartphone

Perhaps one thing that interrupts you more often than your e-mail. It’s a sound that few of us can ignore. But when you do not answer the phone, avoid the loss of time. If you think a call is not urgent, you can come back with a later call. If you’re working on an intense project, you can put your phone in silent mode.

  • Multitasking

If you are already a master in the art of multitasking, you probably feel that you are doing more things in a shorter time. But experts do not agree.  The result is that you lose more time than you think. Try to focus your attention on a single project, especially if you have priority or difficult tasks to solve.

  • Boredom

Some of the tasks you do every day are more interesting than others. And the boring ones may lose your attention in minutes, Your Phone Is Your Most Vulnerable Gadget. the internet can be tempting when you’re bored at work.