Travel Souvenirs: What To Bring From Lisbon?

Travel Souvenirs: What To Bring From Lisbon?

Beautiful, hot, and colorful Lisbon! How hard it is to part with it! Of course, when leaving this amazing city, everyone wants to bring a piece of something tasty, beautiful and unique, reminding of a trip to Portuguese fairy tale.

So, it’s time to run through the shopping centers, boutiques, markets of the capital and find out what to bring from Portugal and Lisbon as a gift or just for memory…

Cork and manufactures made of cork

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(photo by Aaraa Hoboken)

Cork oak is very common in Portugal. Therefore, this country occupies the first place in the world in the production and export of cork. Local craftsmen use it to make an incredible number of interesting things: paintings, bags, cases, purses, hats, umbrellas, stands and much more. These products are very pleasant to the touch and look as if they retained the warmth of the sun’s rays. All products are made exclusively in Portugal. Having bought such a souvenir, you will grab a piece of this country and it will always remind you of the amazing journey. It’s recommended to pay attention to Cork & Co and Pelcor stores.

Leather goods and footwear

MEN'S Leather Shoes

(photo by Titos London)

Leather goods in Portugal are of an excellent quality. They include bags, wallets and shoes. Portuguese shoe industry is not as famous as Italian or Spanish one. Nevertheless, it’s not inferior to certain neighbors. Portugal is the second largest manufacturer of shoes in the whole Europe.

The main footwear factories are situated in the north of Portugal. But in Lisbon on Baixa-Chiado you can find enough small shops where shoes are sold. Make sure you purchase relatively cheap, but high-quality leather shoes of “Guimarães” and “SEASIDE” brands. Even in the center of Lisbon, you can easily find stores of these brands.

Portuguese sweets

Pasteis de Belem

(photo by Veronica)

If you like delicious desserts then bring home Portuguese cakes, which are sold literally at every corner of Lisbon! You can buy a sweet dessert at any pastry shop. At your request, the Portuguese delicacies will be packed, so they will stay fine until the end of your trip.

It’s recommended to buy one of the most famous Portuguese cakes – “Pastéis de nata”. It’s believed that this unique dessert is made only in one place on Earth – at the famous factory in the Belem area and according to a secret recipe. It’s called “Pasteis de Belém”. “Ovos moles” is another famous Portuguese dessert. It came from the city of Aveiro, and in fact it’s an egg yolk with sugar in a shell of flour.

Portuguese wine

Trilogia Muscatel de Setúbal €109 per 500 ml bottle #JoséMariadaFonseca #setúbal

(photo by Sheriff of Nothing)

Portugal is one of the major wine producers in Europe, and it’s not only because of the famous ‘port wine’ or ‘madeira’. These drinks are sold in the supermarket or in a specialized store. The price for a good ‘port wine’ begins from 20 Euros per bottle.  By the way, you can find bottles with the names of all the regions of Portugal, and each of them has its own taste characteristics. The fans of dessert wines can try ‘Muscatel de Setúbal’. If you want to save money, it’s recommended to visit such stores as Continente or Jumbo. There is the largest selection of wine and products and prices are lower than in tourist shops.

Craft and ceramics


(photo by ANA LUA)

The Portuguese are very fond of ceramic products. So, if you like beautiful tableware and various small things for the interior, you will find many interesting goods. It can be a porcelain salad bowl in the form of a cabbage leaf or plates with various ornaments. Of course, such products are not cheap, since almost all of them are handmade according to the old techniques.

Walking around Lisbon, you can find shops selling embroidery. The real embroidery, as a rule, is not cheap, but this is the only way to distinguish consumer goods and needlework. Interesting shops with author’s works are ‘A Arte da Terra’ (near the cathedral in Alfama) and ‘Vista Alegre Atlantis’ (in Shiado), which sell amazing ceramics.

Also, you can buy wonderful ‘azulejo’ tiles in ‘Solar Antiques’ (R. Dom Pedro V 66)
and ‘Fabrica Sant’anna’ in Shiado. Portuguese ceramics is very beautiful, but remember that large fragile things can be broken during long trips. Fortunately, you can buy small ceramic souvenirs! For example, sardine, or frog.


Portuguese Soaps

(photo by martinha martins)

Portuguese soap is famous throughout the world. It’s 100% natural and has been produced from the beginning of the XIX century. This soap is sold in beautiful packages in Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles and can be a great souvenir brought from Portugal. You’ll find the most popular soap brands at local souvenir shops: Ach Brito, Castelbel, Claus Porto, and Confiança. Also, there’s an excellent choice of soap in ‘A vida portuguesa’.

Souvenirs in Lisbon

Of course, it’s very difficult to list all the interesting souvenirs that can be brought from Portugal and Lisbon. For some people it will be coffee, for the others – Portuguese sweets or an exclusive coat from the latest collection of Portuguese designers. Well, and what will you bring from Portugal? You can rent a car in Lisbon in order to find something special and unique during your trip.