TOP 11 Best Beaches In The World: Get Ready To Start!

As you know, three-quarters of the Earth surfaces are taken by water. Travelling people like water. The sea, sand, pleasant sun – there is nothing better! This is the recipe of the good rest. So, you are invited to get the observation excursion over the best of the beast beaches in the world!

Best Romantic Beach!

Bora Bora (French Polynesia)

This is a place, where you can find the mass of lonely beaches and cozy hotels to relax and share the best moments of your vacation with the person you love. This is the place that you will always remember. You can buy the black pearl as a memory. It would be great to buy it not from the local souvenir shop, but catch from the water of the Pacific Ocean.

Grand Aruba Romantic Getaway

Best Beautiful Beach!

Pink Sands Beach (Bahama Islands)

The Pink Sands is the name of the beach. It got its name because of the color of the sand that turns into pink in the evening. It’s really ferric! This natural miracle has the clear explanation: the swash brings the pink shells to the seashore. Of course, tourists come here not only because of the aesthetic enjoyment but because of the Current Cut Dive – kind of diving at the seaside rocks. You can come to the Pink Sands Beach anytime, any season. The sea is always warm and calm here.

Best Hot Beach!

South Beach (Miami)

This is the hottest beach, where everyone stays topless. This is not the disturbance of public peace for men and women. The most of them are European tourists that come here to relax. The South Beach named the best topless beach of the world by Forbes. So, start packing right now!

Best Clean Beach!

Varadero (Cuba)

Varadero was approved as the cleanest beach in the world. You cannot find the hot night life here, just clean sand and pleasant sea. If you feel boring in this clean paradise, jump in your car and spend some time to get Havana – place to have real fun.

Palm trees in Bora Bora

Best Quiet Beach!

Lombok (Indonesia)

First of all, Indonesian island boasts its fantastic corrals and sea inhabitants that you cannot see somewhere else in the world. There is one more reason to come here: you cannot see tourists: the only one local hotel The Oberoi Lombok has 20 villas of lux category that are situated far from one another all over the beach territory. So, Lombok is the perfect place for those, who are in search of quiet and silent rest.

Best Party Beach

Mykonos Island beach (Greece)

The small island in the Aegean Sea has the population of 5 000 citizens. This is the best place in Europe to have party. If you like spending time in a big company, welcome to Mykonos. You may have fun every minute: go to the beach during the day and to the night clubs at night. Dress-code is minimal. You should not be here topless. That’s it!

Best Kiddy Beach!

Palm Beach (Aruba)

This little island is located in the Caribbean Sea. This is the perfect place to have rest with the whole family. Kids like being here: you can find special kids care services in every hotel to feed and attract your kids. The most of the hotels are included into the program One Cool Family Vacation, offering big sales for travelling with the whole family. The best place to have rest here is December – April.

Kids by the Water

Best Popular Beach!

Ipanema Beach (Rio de Janeiro)

This is probably, the only one beach on the planet that was awarded with the song – Girl from Ipanema. So, you should visit Ipanema in the sunny day to enjoy the sea view, sky, sun and communicative girls. Remember that the kinky activity in Brazil is the subject to legal action. Just invite your friends to the hotel.

Best Nude Beach!

Koversada (Horary)

Thousands of people come here every year to feel natural. Everyone knows that the Adriatic seacoast is the center of the world nude culture. It takes the leading position in the rate of the popularity of the nude beaches. The most popular beach is called Koversada. You can stay nude not only on the beach, but in the shops and cafes around.

Best Fashioned Beach!

Las Salinas (Ibiza)

This beach has the big popularity because of the noisy parties. It takes you 10 minutes to get to any beach cafe and night club! It is no surprising that you can meet famous people, actors, singers. Remember that Las Salinas is not only the best fashioned company but also the most expensive resort in the world. You have to pay for your attractions!

Best Surfing Beach!

Praia do Espinho (Portugal)

Portugal is popular with its beaches. More than 300 of them were awarded with the Blue Flag Award – international award for high safety standards. The beaches are located in different unexpected places like on the desert island or volcanic vent. You can go to the beach to meet the sunset and learn surfing. Hire a car in Porto and go to visit Praia do Espinho – amazing beach that is considered to be the best beach in Porto and suburbs. Actually, the beach is located close to the Portugal town Espinho, few minutes driving from Porto.

Ventura Beach House - ODR Trip

Espinho is the best place to have some rest and laze in the sun. The beach is situated far to the West to be very comfortable to get there from the center of Porto. So, there are big waves, going to the beach on a high speed. They are perfect for surfing. If you want to practice, you should pay about 15 EUR to take the surfing board and costume for rent for 2 hours. The beach is modernly organized with the life savers. You can hire the sunbeds and sunshades for 10 EUR to see surfing from the beach. If you have never learnt surfing, you should try it right here.