Top 10 Pork Recipes

Divine, tender and juicy, pork can be the star of your dinner party. It is a versatile meat that matches different flavors and cuisines. It can be cooked in dizzying ways- steamed, stewed, grilled, roasted, sautéed, fried and many more.

Pork is today popular in America, Korea, China, Italy, Spain, Germany and many other countries. Here are some tips to get the best pork dish:

  • Buying pork: The secret of a great pork dish is a pork cut that has been chosen with care. While selecting pork, look out for an even pink color and also, a narrow layer of fat around the edges. Search for firm cuts with low fat content (leg or loin)
  • Be aware of cuts: Before cooking, know the cuts of pork. Ham comes from leg, bacon from the sides, and tenderloin from loins and sausage from the shoulder.
  • Rest: Keep pork aside for half an hour to get to the right temperature. Allowing time to warm up will make outside crunchy and inside juicy and tender.
  • Don’t overcook: Keep a strict count of cooking time and temperature like in case of pork curry.
  • Don’t cut soon: When pork is kept on cutting board, don’t cut it for 10 minutes to preserve juices.

Here are Some Leading Pork Recipes:

  • Roast belly of pork: This is a roasted recipe which includes a delicious onion and apple sauce, served along with a platter of roasted vegetables.
  • Thai pork salad: This salad dish is cooked with fish sauce, avocado, spring onions, jalapenos and cucumber.
  • Coorgi Pork curry: Originating in Karnataka, this pork dish is made of masala paste, fenugreek, coriander and cumin, served bets with steamed rice.
  • Pork ribs with asparagus: Enjoy crunchy taste of asparagus infused with flavor of garlic, mushroom and lemon.
  • Pork Vindaloo: This dish is cooked in a paste of garlic, ginger;hot chilies fried well and are a sure sensation on the dinner table.
  • Jamaican pork chops: Pork made in fabulous marinade of Worcestershire sauce, maple syrup and thyme.
  • Lemon pork: Zesty lemon flavor of pork fried with coconut and garnished with coriander leaves.
  • Pork Sorpotel: This very popular Goan delicacy is created with chili, onions and cloves.
  • BanhCuon: these Vietnamese dumplings ooze with exotic flavor and texture. Steamed pork is served with mushroom dumplings and cucumber.
  • Spicy Sri Lankan pork curry: A dish of rice is incomplete without an accompanying curry. In case of South Asian cuisine, one will find curry to be fiery and spicy. One special recipe for a curry to complement rice is the spicy Sri Lankan black pork curry. This dish is phenomenal with bold and rich flavors.The name ‘black’ is derived from the color of the dish. This color is the result of the roasted, dark curry powder which is used in preparation of this product which is a mix of black pepper and tamarind paste.

Tamarind is an important ingredient. If you try to use lemon juice in its place, you will find it not on par. Tamarind as well as another fruit, called as Goraka is used often in South Asian cuisine. Both of these add a sour tangy flavor as well as a fruity taste. This is the way on how to make Spicy pork curry.