Systematically Approach To Sell The Phones With Fone Wizard

Mobile phones have become a prime necessity, and modern communication is impossible without them. Old, unused, and damaged phones however can cause inconvenience, and they can be successfully sold or recycled. Instead of trying out your luck in the street, you can now systematically sell a phone with Fone Wizard. The cell phone store accepts any model and make of phone, and ensures a fair and transparent transaction in a friendly and reliable manner. This offer is open only to UK residents who are over 18 years, and they have to show willingness to enter into a binding contract with the store as per official terms.

Systematically Approach To Sell The Phones With Fone Wizard

In the modern world that is saturated with technology, anything that eases the pressure on wallets is a welcome move. Electronic gadgets and mobile devices such as Smart phones cost a large sum of money, and you can always rely on selling your old phone to make a few extra cash. Old phones can be recycled in many ways, and you can exchange the damaged or cracked phone for ready cash, credit, or a trade-in. The cash you get in return varies and it is dependent on a number of factors such as brand, extent of damage, model, and usability. You also have to submit additional information by using online services to fill in an order form with device details. The form has to include complete details and the information supplied has to be accurate.

After you submit the filled in online order form to sell a phone with Fone Wizard, The store will provide estimated price. Make sure you update the order form with any latest information to avoid inaccuracies. Customers who are younger than 18 can only sell their old phones after receiving consent from their parents or guardian. The cell phone store ensures a reliable sale and offers a reliable price in exchange for the device. Phones that match all the requirements are collected at home using a sales pack. The store reserves the right to reject orders that are incomplete, inaccurate, or fail to meet the standards specified in the requirements for old phones. The customer can also send package box, accessories, and charger cords, but they do not receive any extra amount for these items.

You can sell any old, damaged, or unused phone using Fone Wizard only if the device meets specified requirements. The original manufacturer phones that are not jail broken or pin locked are only acceptable. The phone’s firmware should not be altered, and there should be no activated locks such as iCloud Lock or Activation Lock. In addition, The device has to be complete without any missing parts such as the battery.  A fully functional mobile phone with clearly established ownership is only acceptable to the cell store. Customers should not sell a phone with Fone Wizard if the requirements are not satisfied.

The cell store is willing to make an exception only to locked phones, as long as the customer assists in unlocking the phone within 4 weeks of delivery. For additional details of environmental friendly recycling options, Get in touch with us today. You are also welcome to get online and check the customer reviews and confirm the efficiency of our services.