Sleep Like A Royal: Experience The World’s Most Luxurious Mattresses

Sleep Like A Royal: Experience The World’s Most Luxurious Mattresses

The quality of a luxurious bed always starts with the materials it’s made from and its performance characteristics. When a product is costly, one almost always expects for it to be in avant-garde quality, aesthetics and craftsmanship. Such is the case for luxurious mattresses.

Luxury mattresses may come with exorbitant price tags, but the high-quality touches are usually worth the investment. If one can go in an all-out spending extravaganza for a high-end car, clothes, bags or shoes, then the same thing is also possible for luxurious mattresses.

Sleep Like A Royal: Experience The World’s Most Luxurious Mattresses

Are you interested about the luxurious sleeping cushion? If you do, brace yourself and let’s take a sneak peek at them and experience their beauty.


The name Hypnos is a Greek word which means “god of rest”. Hypnos brags about their selection of very convenient and comfortable beds. Hypnos also offers a gamut of prestigious cushions and mattresses and distributes them around the UK.

The most expensive sleeping mattresses ever designed by Hypnos that has a Royal Warrant since 1929. To have a piece of fabricated mattresses by the British family beds, you’ll need to allocate a big amount of money up that would cost you at least  $15,000. If you want to sleep like a king or queen, Hypnos can give you the royal-worthy mattresses to make you feel like one.


The most expensive mattresses fabricated by the Swedish company Duxiana would require you to shell out at least $13,000. It’s too much to pay for your bed DUX’s sleeping cushion comes in a top notch quality and is very comfortable. Their line of mattresses also has therapeutic benefits that lessen back pain.

If the price is not that feasible for you, you can always check other reputable online retail shops like Beds Online where you can purchase high-quality luxury beds that are more pocket-friendly and offers products with the same quality.


Excellent craftsmanship and the fine materials are the two primary components and segments behind the formation of Kluft sleeping cushions. Hand-sewed and armed with a few elite patents, the Kluft beds are extremely comfortable and luxurious.

Beds and mattresses with outstanding quality amongst the other top Kluft mattresses would cost up to $30,000.


Vispring was established and set up in 1901. It was after number 6 (VI in Roman numerals). The ideal number of coils for bed springs and guarantees for a quality bed.

The company’s products come from excellent materials, carefully assembled sleeping cushion, solace, all of which ensures to give you the most comfortable and luxurious sleep that you can get. Right now a Vispring sleeping cushion starts at $20,000.

Floating Bed

Made by the Dutch draftsman Janjaap Ruijssenaars, the Floating Bed is the probably the most expensive sleeping essential there is on the market today. This sleeping pad is significantly more than just a high-end bed. It’s also a work of art with the impressive quality.

The mystery of the floating bed comes from a magnet framework, which enables it to rise 16 inches over the floor. If you want to lay down on a bed that would give you an amazing experience, you’ll need to spend at least $1.6 million. Yes, it’s that expensive! If you wish to sleep like a millionaire, then Floating Bed is for you.


Hästens was founded in 1852. It’s a Swedish bed company dedicated to making sleeping cushions from natural materials such as cotton and horsehair. The Vividus is Hästens’ most prestigious and most costly bed created by the Swedish bed specialists. Normally, the cost for such a stunning bed is very high and costs at least $67,000. This price is enough to buy a car, but for the wealthy and famous who wish to have an unparalleled night’s rest, the price is all worth it.


Individuals have been enthusiastically looking for an advantageous and most comfortable sleeping cushion for a long time. Hästens, Floating  Bed, Vispring, Kluft, Duxiana, and Hypnos are some of the most well-known names in sleeping cushions. Beds with these brand names are also well- known for their hypoallergenic parts and control switches.

What’s more interesting about these insanely costly bed is that there are no convincing studies about which surface is better for the most productive rest. Although, some suggest it has to do with personal preferences. The most important thing is that you have your comfortable bed. No matter what the price is, as long as you have one, you’re good to go.