Lover’s Fire: How To Be Intimate In A Long Distance Relationship

Lover's Fire How To Be Intimate In A Long Distance Relationship

Truly, the bonds of love are powerful and everlasting. This fact is particularly the case when it comes to today’s relationships. In the past, a job in a faraway place would sometimes be the death of a relationship. Nowadays, love knows no boundaries, as it conquers distance. A lot of couples remain couples and stay happy despite being far away from each other.

A lot of couples belong to LDRs or Long Distance Relationships. For the most part, couples who are in this type of relationship often do not see each other for quite a long time. This relationship is common with people who have jobs such as seafarers, military professions, and overseas workers.

The number of couples involved in this type of relationship is many. Surprisingly, a lot more are opposed to being in LDRs. They believe that people will have a hard time maintaining the intimacy and love because the distance may be too great to handle. Trust issues are also

common reasons why a lot of individuals oppose long distance relationship. Quite often, it is also infidelity that causes most LDRs to crumble.

Everyone involved in long distance relationships agrees when Chris Martin of Coldplay blurts out this famous line: “Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard.” To help couples who are expecting to have an LDR very soon, here are some tips and tricks to keep that fire burning.


The probable reason why LDRs happen is that of a particular profession that requires a person to be far away from their loved ones.

After a hard day’s work, nothing can beat the feeling of seeing and talking with your special someone. First-time couples might be hesitant to share a lot because they think that work is already stressful enough. This reason shouldn’t be the case as talking a lot is an excellent way to de-stress.

Share everything with your loved one, every particular detail. From the color of the shirt, you’re wearing, to the last thing you ate for dinner. Every detail is intimate for a separated

loved one. Reciprocate your partner’s feelings by asking them about their day and how was it for them.


Surely, the fear that long distance relationships can bring to a couple can cause frantic feelings of anxiety. Don’t let this fear get the best of you. If you have reasons to doubt, ask it in the nicest, most possible way. Avoid probing, as this may be a sign of you being too nosy or paranoid.

Sometimes, love can take a lot from us. No doubt, long distance relationships require a person to take that leap of faith and trust their partner.


For the few lucky, visits are possible in long distance relationships. Couples who have this luxury should abuse this, no matter what. Always make time for visits whenever possible as this creates a bond between the two of you. Visitations also provide the perfect time for couples to be physically intimate with each other.

When you do get to visit your special someone, both of you should make sure that your meeting will be a blast. Go on extravagant getaways like lavish cruise ship excursions, go on Micro Flite helicopter rides over the Great Barrier Reef, or dine in an exclusive Michelin 5-star restaurant. You both deserve to spend time in the best way possible! You both deserve the company of each other.

Video Calls

If distance doesn’t help a couple, then technology certainly will. Video calls are a great way for a couple to reduce stress and the feelings of being missed will slowly go away. Another great way for couples to be intimate is to send pictures of each other.

Pictures don’t have to be obscene to be intimate. For a passionate couple, a simple photo of their loved one smiling is enough.  For those looking to be daring though, well, video calls can be an awesome way to explore things beyond the limit.


Even if you don’t feel like speaking or talking, always make an effort to do so. If you don’t have anything to say, go the extra mile, even if you look stupid.

For guys, reading about the current trends in fashion is a great way to start a topic with your girl. Show that extra effort. Imagine a scene where a couple does video calls, and they suddenly fall asleep on each other together. Isn’t that romantic?


Love knows no bounds. By today’s standards, distance isn’t enough to eliminate intimacy and warmth between a couple who are miles apart. Intimacy, effort, and ingenuity are what matters if you want to keep the fire burning. Distance doesn’t have to weaken love, in fact, it can be the other way around.

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