Is Augmented Reality Gaming Technology The Future Of Gaming?

Is Augmented Reality Gaming Technology The Future Of Gaming?

Augmented reality gaming is an effective integration of audio content and game visual with the real-time environment of gamer. Unlike VR, that mostly needs a separate space or a closely-held place to develop an immersive environment, AR gaming uses the current environment for creating a playing field. AR technology has started replacing traditional form of gaming and in a couple of years, it is believed to take over the entire gaming industry completely.

What does Augmented Reality Games Imply?

Creation of a perfect gaming environment is a task that requires a lot of time. There is also a continuous demand for new captivating scenery to quest the urge to explore a new environment. An augmented reality game is the one that superimposes a pre-developed environment above the actual environment of a user.

AR gaming takes the benefit of variations of the real-world environment for expansion of the playing field and keeps the play interesting. AR enabled games uses very common devices such as a smartphone’s camera, clock, gyroscope and GPS to produce an AR environment in accordance with the location of the user.

These brilliantly designed games build a powerful emotional connection with physical games and infuse the magic that creates so much user engagement. By using the real world to create a game environment implies that there is no stress, headache, and narrow view. A smartphone acts as a doorway to enter the virtual reality / augmented world.

In what Ways is Augmented Reality Application Useful?

Besides providing the best augmented reality games, AR apps also assists people in finding things such as shops, location for parking their vehicle, public transport system, etc.

The Future of AR Technology

In the year 2011, analysts have forecasted the increase in the popularity of AR based mobile applications. This promising technology is going to revolutionize the manner in which users interact with their mobile devices. AR looks like a very exciting technology when it is used for the first time.

It is a very impressive technology that is built on a very simple concept and is easy to understand by every person who uses it. There are some of the unique and best AR based games available on the market. One of these categories is called “marker games” which need a gamer to print a marker.

This gaming application recognizes and converts print-outs into game objects that are displayed on the floor or desk. Other types of AR based games come with “accessory freemium” label. These apps are free, but for proper working they need an accessory. There are other games that do not need a marker or an accessory but just depend on the geographic location of the user.


The convenience, remarkable features and affordability it offers to a gamer make the future of this technology very bright. With plenty of different gaming options available today, there is no doubt in saying that AR technology based games mark the future of the gaming industry.