Do You Know If You Need A PR Company

When a new company is just getting off the ground and preparing to introduce their new service or product to the world, it is a very exciting time. Then the founders come to realize that they still have to figure out what they need to do to get consumers to notice them. They frequently think that getting good PR is the answer.

Do You Know If You Need A PR Company

When most people think of PR, they mostly view it as being about news coverage and media relations. However, this is only a small part of what is involved with effective public relations. What is really needed to take a new company to great heights is to have an overall integrated marketing strategy. Here are four important things that need to be considered to help you determine whether or not you are actually read to integrate PR into your overall marketing strategy:

1. Do you have something interesting to say?

Acquiring visibility is all about being seen and heard. Hiring a high profile person, a funding announcement or a new product launch is a good place to start but cannot be relied on solely to build up a company’s profile. You should be taking part in different industry discussions to help gain visibility for your brand. This can help your company obtain media cover and establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

2. Do you have realistic expectations?

When you are searching for PR firms in Tampa, you need to make sure you have realistic expectations about what a PR firm can do for you and what goals are achievable. Make sure the firm has an established track record for helping other young companies gain visibility and achieve their goals.

3. Do you have a defined plan for leveraging your PR?

It feels great to see your company being mentioned in an article or to develop excellent marketing pieces that can be shared with the public. However, you need to use an integrated marketing strategy and utilize a multi-pronged approach to reach prospective customers. Make sure your self-publishing, your sales team, email and social media are all used to reach out and to add value. Take a proactive approach to sharing your positive press.

4. Do you have the necessary resources?

You obviously need to be able to pay for PR services. It is also important to have the personnel within your company to provide resources to your PR firm such as answering questions, scheduling interviews, and going over campaign ideas and trends.

Before hiring a PR firm, make sure you take the above factors into consideration. It will help you determine whether you are ready to take the next step and be prepared to provide the resources and insights necessary to incorporate public relations into your integrated marketing strategy.

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